Pop Century Room Requests

Checking into Pop Century online. For those of you who have stayed there, which building/room number do you recommend?

60s lake view is my favorite. Close to lobby/ Hippy Dippy pool, and quiet without paying extra for preferred. View:

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That was room 4159. This week I had room 4160, with obviously the same view

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Thank you @MDU we were really wanting a lake view so this is perfect!

My other favorite thing about these rooms is that you are so close to the generation gap bridge. When leaving a park, if the AoA bus comes before the Pop bus, hop on AoA and walk over the bridge and you’re home. :slight_smile:


Never thought of that! That helps out a lot!

We have stayed 50s and liked it but this view looks great! Do you request this area specifically when checking in?

60’s lakeview is also our favorite. We stayed there the last 3 times and absolutely loved it. It was quiet and so close to the main lobby. Just requested it again for our stay this October.

No specific area. Just 60s Lakeview. I also request ground floor and I have always gotten exactly what I requested. Even when making a reservation only a couple weeks in advance.

I do the request during online check in

Sorry another question. Do you find ground floor is okay for noise? People being above is okay?

I’ve never had a problem with noisy neighbors but I suppose anyone can get unlucky with that at some point. The walls are thin though. I’ve heard toilets flush late at night. Thankfully, just the flushing. Not the grunting

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Lol. We had the grunting at Niagara Falls this past weekend. Flushing is better.

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I wholeheartedly agree with @mdu. I always request 60s ground floor when booking a standard room. Close to pool, lobby, and AoA.

I did online checkin 2 weeks ago and requested 60’s building top floor. We paid for preferred. What type of view do you think we’ll have??

The 60s preferred looks out to trees. No spectacular view. We have had 60s preferred the last few times.

We love preferred pool view! When me and my DS were there in June we literally could walk straight out our door to a pool chair! It was so convenient!

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70s is my new favorite because of the really short walk to the busstops.

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I was in 70s, bld 10 with a courtyard view. I loved having Mickey greeting be every time I left the room.


I was less than a 5 min walk to the food court/busses in one direction and the parking lot in the other direction. Sorry, I don’t remember the exact room number, but I was on the 3rd floor, 3 rooms from the stairwell/elevator…