Pop Century Room Requests

This is the view from 60’s, building 5, 3rd floor, room 5317

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The TP room guides/views states that no POP rooms that have king size beds have connecting rooms to anything. (At least every king room I’ve looked at says “no” on connecting rooms. I’ve seen discussions of POP that state every king room has a connecting room. Can anyone shed any light on this contradiction? Any insight on what to put on a fax when you want connecting rooms?

Something like (TP language… connecting to XXX ) where XX is the other room confirmation?

I’d also like advice on this. My plan was to just put both reservation numbers down and state that our first priority is to have connecting rooms, then use the TP language for room location as a secondary request. Any other thoughts on this would be great.

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I also need connecting rooms and want 60s lake view. I can chec in online but cannot for my moms reservations for some reason. Hers is linked to mine.

We had the same thing - I had to create an account for her and did check in that way with no problem.

Any idea on where a standard pool view will get me? Looking to be near a parking lot but not sure which building fall under this category.

Standard pool-view rooms at Pop (buildings 1, 2, 3, 7, and 9).

Click on any building to see the rooms in that building. Click on any room to see the view from that room.

Thanks @len ! Another reason why I subscribe to TP :smile:

I am booking one night at Pop fall passholder premium rate (arriving earlier than expected but late afternoon/early evening) in Sept. and the rest of my stay was already previously booked for the FW cabins. We decided to check Pop out (heard so many good things) without having the commitment in case we didn’t like it. So knowing we like woodsy atmospheres :wink: it looks like 60’s lake view is the best choice. How far is it to walk to the AOA and try out their food court (which I’ve also heard so many great things about)? Is there a pool close to this building also? We will be arriving late & hungry - may swim too that night. I guess we select 60’s lakeside when we do online checkin? Ohkay thank you!!

When making a room request is it better to be more general (60’s building, ground floor) than to list room numbers? If listing rooms numbers should we list a few?

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We’ve stayed in bldg 6, 1st floor & bldg 7, 3rd & 4th floor. Building 6 is definitely my preference. It was only about a 2 minute walk to the food court. We really loved being able to walk right out the door and not need to walk several flights of stairs or wait for an elevator. I believe I requested “building 6, ground floor” during online check-in. We got room 6133. It was before AoA was completed but the bridge is very close to that room location. We walked as far as we could before the construction blockade stopped us. As far as the pool proximity goes, the main pool is actually the closest.

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what do i do if I paid for a preferred room, but then didn’t end up wanting that location? i requested a room with a lake view in building 5, and just realized I paid for preferred and isn’t in that category. Can i get my money back somehow? we leave in a couple days!

Following this! I’m in a similar situation as we booked a standard pool view, and I want to request a 50’s lake view. I was curious if they would NOT give me a pool view based on my request rather than the reservation booking?

You may need to call Reservations directly and ask. I’m in the same boat, after looking at those pictures above and playing around more, if I can swing it I’d rather not pay for the Preferred room and have the view of the lake.

They will probably downgrade you but not give you money back because they will have to magically upgrade someone else.
I had a standard view booked at Universals Cabana Bay and was given an upgraded pool view near the lobby so I was fine with it. But I really do not think I would like a preferred view at POP. I would expect Lakeview will become the preferred view charge and what’s currently preferred to become standard when Reno is complete

The lake views are amazing, but then the pics of the refurbished rooms came out. I’m so torn!

What would be the best building/room that has been refurbished but also close to transportation/lobby? I’m ok with paying extra for pool view or preferred. I will have a baby in tow and I don’t really want to walk a mile to run to the food court or the bus. We usually stay in deluxe and sometimes club level, but this is the only reservation I’ve been able to snag for our dates.

Nevermind, the reservation disappeared when I completed check out :frowning: