Pool wear

Obviously I will be wearing pool shorts — but what else would you recommend, i.e. a t-shirt in the pool to protect from sun, pool shoes (I have Crocs?)

If you can’t walk on rough ground barefoot, then I highly recommend swim shoes. Not to mention the fact that the ground is extremely :fire: HOT :fire: in the summer. If you are likely to get sunburned, a shirt with sun protection is a good idea. A regular t-shirt may not be enough protection. It depends on its thickness, really.

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I would not pack Crocs if you have limited space, flip-flops would take up less space and work at the pool. The swim shirts are great as sun protection, you can swim in them and they dry quickly.

I have two carry on bags, and I don’t mind them getting crushed a bit. Plus I have a plan to wear them in Epcot on my swimming day.

Then you should just bring what you want. I usually just bring a pair of trainers, flip-flops, and pair of nice shoes if I plan on a nice restaurant, and call it a day.

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I like swim shoes better than flip flops or Crocs because, oddly enough, you can swim in them!!! The surface of the pool is every bit as hard on the feet as the concrete around the pool. But my feet are extra sensitive and other people may not have that issue.

I looked into that, but than I thought, “well, I already own the Crocs and I could in principle wear them at Epcot”. Spending money for swim shoes basically just for this one day (and next year, I guess) seems excessive even for me. Plus you can’t really wear them as shoes. I’m into my clothes multi-tasking.

Well, swim shoes are very inexpensive, and you can, indeed, wear them as shoes. However, since you are only bringing two carry-ons, and are already bringing 2 extra pairs of shoes, then I see the logic.

It would be a risk, though. In the reviews of the pair I was looking at there was talk of blisters if you used them for more than just poolside.

I’m find with the Crocs plan. They’ll triple-up as slippers for use in the house. That’s how I use them at home. I don’t normally go outside with them.


I hate when men are shirtless. I prefer rash guards or tee shirts.

I wish I could explain why I hate it so much. It literally turns my stomach

So this is basically my pool outfit:


If you like it then you shoulda put a shirt onit.

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I recommend a rash guard for the pool, but if you don’t have one a t-shirt is fine. Just be aware that a plain t-shirt is only like SPF 8 so you still need to wear sunscreen under it.

As far as I remember you’re from UK right @profmatt? T-shirt may not be enough. Go the sunscreen route sir!

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I always wear a shirt in the pool no one wants to see my rolls.


If I’m actually going to SWIM, I much prefer going shirtless. I can’t stand even swim shirts swimming in the water. But if I’m more about hanging, just kind of “playing” in the water with my kids, etc., then I’ll wear the swim shirt. This is not only for sun protection, but because in those cases, your upper body is above water as much as under the water, so it is in deference to those like @OBNurseNH who prefer not to see half-naked men (who aren’t NEARLY as good-looking as Daniel Craig!). But if I’m going to swim, the shirt comes off.

:joy: that is very strange

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Even the really good looking ones - like Daniel Craig - bother me to see all around without a shirt.

Who is this Daniel Craig character you keep talking about?