Poly Refurb

Just finishing a stay in the World at the Polynesian. On my way out this morning, I bumped into the head of housekeeping who was staying in the room near ours in Rarotonga. Turns out she was testing the new refurbished prototype on the 3rd floor. Got to peek in during construction but no photos. They are beautifully done. Nice gray accents and much brighter than the existing rooms.

She said refurb really kicks off in March starting with Tuvalu. So if you’re going in late spring or summer next year, you might want to request Tuvalu.

Here is the door to the the Rarotonga room that was just completed this week; may want to request 3824 :wink:


That referb is desperately needed at Poly. I might actually consider staying there again once that’s complete! Thanks for letting us know @terp05

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Agree completely on the need for refurb. The carpet is really dated and dingy. New room has hardwood like the YC. Of course, 2020 prices have risen to reflect the updates. The same room and package for next sept, same week, rose by $2k :open_mouth:.


The Poly prices went insane from my stay last year!!! Crazy that Im saving money by staying at the Grand Floridian in the Spring. haha But might make sense, I do think Poly location is better.
Loved the Poly though, hope you had a nice trip!


I don’t understand what Disney is doing with prices. I’ve always stayed at Deluxe resorts in the past. Not anymore. They’ve priced us out of that category. :frowning:


Great, I hope to stay there again in the future!

But what I’d really like is a WL refurb.


I just stayed at the Poly last August when MVT had their big Labor Day Special. I wasn’t impressed other than the access to the monorail. Rooms were nothing special for the price you pay. Another thing that got to me was the size of their food court. Small compared to Intermediate and Value resorts. Now that MVT has few to no deep discounts anymore, I don’t see us going to Poly or any of the Deluxe resorts in the near future.

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Maybe worth a second look after refurb


Too soon.


It’s been like 2 years hasn’t it ?!

What is the acceptable waiting period before suggesting you give it another go?

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We were staying on a deep MVT discount this time around. It is a shame they may not get those discounts for the Deluxes anymore (at least I haven’t seen any yet for 2020).

I still love the Poly. I just imagine the musty smell as part of the humid south Pacific theming :joy: In all honesty, though, Captain Cooks could use an overhaul, but I do like Ohana and Kona Cafe. The Kona coffee bar is another big plus for me! Love that french press coffee :grin:


15 months.

25 years.

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eh, less competition for the newly refurbished rooms.

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Joking aside (I wasn’t joking) I cannot imagine a set of circumstances which would cause me to stay at the Poly. Not simply because it is the worst hotel in the world bar none, but because I can’t imagine ever thinking a Deluxe hotel makes sense for me and my style of Disney vacationing.

If I unexpectedly became very rich then CR, BLT or YC might be possibilities because of their locations. But if I have money to spare I’d rather spend it on dessert parties, MVMCP / MNSSHP and After Hours events.

Well we love Ohana’s but you got to jump right on a reservation 160 days out or good luck getting one.

I try at 180 to be extra safe :wink::wink:

Actually, too, it’s remarkably easy to get later with ResFinder help.

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True story. I think it’s consistently been the hardest one for me to get. Usually 180+4 has been the magic number.

Keep trying! It took me about 2 weeks of checking throughout the day to get a reservation for the exact time and date I wanted, with less than 90 days to go. I booked for Dec 20, which is the start of the holiday crush, so there’s hope!

Yep 180, can’t count apparently. Memories going as I am OLD.

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