Poll Time! What to call Ratatouille ride at Epcot?

I read about cars crashing somewhere, but nothing more than that.

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I saw an article that the Rat Ride was evacuated, but I just saw the headline…


Ah, I found a Remy / Ratatouille thread at last!

So, word from WDWMagic is that although it will open with a BG system, it’ll revert to Standby and the LL+ ($$) once Genie comes online.

I mean, I didn’t think the BG system would be needed for long, but given that they hope to have Genie+ up and running soon after Oct 1st that’s not long at all. Although as I said somewhere, the Genie app is apparently having “issues” and may be delayed. So that would also delay the LL+ implementation.


That’s interesting, but probably for the best, that they are going to do EITHER a BG, OR Standby + LL+. Simplifies things, even if it does seem a little cash-grabby.


I think maybe Disney are hoping that a certain number of people will pay for it up front rather than that being the fall-back position if they fail to get a BG.

In reality I don’t see many falling for it. Maybe if the queue is horrendously long some might decide to pay to jump the line.