Poll Time! RotR BG Success Rate?

If you have been to WDW since July 2020, please participate in this poll!

SINCE COVID (i.e., July 2020), if you have attempted to get a boarding group for Rise of the Resistance, what was your success rate?

(i.e., what percentage of attempts where you had tapped into the park and had MDE ready on time resulted in you getting at least a backup BG? Exclude times you were late or didn’t have your phone open.)

  • 100% of attempts
  • 75-99%
  • 50-74%
  • 25-49%
  • 1-24%
  • 0%
  • Haven’t attempted or wasn’t on time

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If you received a BG but it wasn’t called, please consider that a success (as this poll is trying to measure difficulty of obtaining a BG rather than operational efficiency of the ride - that is easier to measure with outside sources).

Example: You have been to HS on three different days since July, and the following occurred:

  • Day one: Attempted at 10am and got a BG. 2pm is N/A.
  • Day two: Attempted at 10am and failed. Attempted at 2pm and succeeded.
  • Day three: Arrived at 11am so missed first distribution. Attempted at 2pm and failed.

Your success rate is 2 BGs for 4 attempts = 50%, so you would select “50-74%.” You can estimate if you’re not sure. :slight_smile:

Feel free to share this poll so we can get a good response!

If you need to change your answer:

Click “hide results” in the lower left hand corner of the poll. You may then select a new response.


I replied for my group, but it would be ZERO % if I just counted my attempts.

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I’ve only made one attempt for a group of 7, which was successful. We’ll see what happens in December, if we bother trying.

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Paging @Wahoohokie, @dreamer, @ryan1, @ppehap, @melcort10, @Glennah, @khmoorefield, @dumborunner, @brinksan, @Mjhoneycutt, @disneygirlmama, @Firsttripdisneydad, @imaginette, @beals5, @BoPeepPrincess, @DisneyDayDreamin, @eeeevah, @tline35, @TarHeelTiff, @srentmee, @RopeDropper, @galuchies, @chails, @tddusina. Anyone else?!



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Yes, please respond for your group! If you have 3 people all trying and one person gets it for the group, that counts as 100% success for that attempt.

Ha! I was typing up that response before you replied.

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That’s how I counted it in your poll. I’m just fussing that I am unsuccessful as an individual with the app. grrrrrr.

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oh well… I’ve tried twice and got in once. One time my DD got us in and second time I was running the app and failed… so that’s 50% success rate by my math 1:2

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A corollary poll would be how many times did you complete the ride compared to how many times you boarded.


That’s a depressing one! Although the data is showing that the ride is running much more reliably in the last month.

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Voted! Party of 4, 3 attempts, BG gotten 2/3 times. (We only ended up riding once but that’s for a different pole :wink:)


“ride is running much more reliably in the last month.”

One hopes! :grin:

As woeful as reports were initially (1 in 4, I think I saw at one point), the rigamorole for achieving a boarding group seemed excessive. At least to this lackadaisical fan . . .


Only attempted once, but was successful with a group of 2 at the 10am release and got BG 4.


Technically we were not “in the park” for our only successful attempt!

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That’s right! Well I wrote that wording when there was only one distribution time. I’ll fix that.

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For me was 2 of 2, both at 10am. I scheduled 2 DHS days for the trip as a contingency, but was successful both times. No Wi-Fi, on AT&T’s network in front of the Millennium falcon on an older Android phone (Galaxy S7). BGs’ were mid 20s and mid 30s. Anecdotally, most of my app hiccups seemed related to poor Wi-Fi, so for anything critical I disabled Wi-Fi and used my cell data.

While outside the scope of the poll, first ride was a huge disappointment, both Ray an the troop transporter were down, so just filed into the big room through a cast member hallway. Some of the ride mechanics wern’t working too. Second ride was almost 100% functional and was indeed Disney Imagineering at its best. I was impressed! I scheduled the contingency day for BGs, but it turned out to be useful for ride issues!


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I was 0 for 2. Our friends who were in the park the same day as us and another day on the same trip got one both times at 10 am.

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On our trip in September, we visited DHS six days, and I got to ride RotR six times!

I answered 75-99 percent, though, because the first day I attempted to get a BG at 10:00 am, but I was unsuccessful. (I swear that they were all gone within 15 seconds.) However, I was able to get one at 2:00 pm and our BG was called. Every other day, I was able to snag a BG at 10:00 am.

There were only two of us on four days, and it was just me on two days, so I don’t know if the small number may have added to the success rate.


I answered for our single attempt in Sept, but we will be back on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so two more shots at it. We will see how that goes.

Just as an FYI…I didn’t respond for them, but the nice couple we were sitting next to at 10 am also got in. We were BH13 and they were BG18. However, the family of 6 behind us did not. It wasn’t due to the large group as the update to include your whole party had already been rolled out. I really think they just thought they could stroll through it.

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