Poll just for fun: Room view

My recent thread on room requests got me wondering: how much do people really care about their rooms’ views at WDW? It must matter to a good number of people or the different categories and charges wouldn’t exist.

In this poll, take “important” to mean “important enough to pay a premium.”

  • The hotel room view is always important
  • The hotel room view at some locations is important, including WDW
  • The view at some locations is important, but not at WDW
  • The hotel room view is never important
  • Other (please explain)

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I picked “other”. It would only matter to me at Disney, at Animal Kingdom Lodge.

I picked it’s not important at WDW - it might be for people who stay deluxe and have a balcony they are going to sit on but we stay moderate so don’t have a balcony, and don’t spend much time in the room anyway.


I chose Other because the view is less important to me (I always get Savannah at AKL and am fine with any variant on that) than location. At AKL, especially Kidani, if you get stuck out in the wings of the corridors, it can be really annoying. I prefer to stay not too far from the lobby.

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I don’t think we’ve ever paid for a view upgrade. The interior of the room definitely matters to us but we are happy to enjoy the views of the resort or hotel from outside our room instead of paying more for a room view.

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The hotel room view is sometimes important including at WDW

But whether it matters at all depends largely on the trip plans. If I’m not going to be in it much or otherwise enjoy the view it becomes not at all important


Like this? :grimacing:


Exactly like that. It’s not for me but if I was doing it I wouldn’t want to be looking at the bins.




Other. It depends on the vacation.

Disney I’m usually in the parks most of the day, so the room is only to sleep. Ergo view = not important.

For my planned Aulani visit in 2021, I’m planning to just chill at the resort (having done the 7-night Pride of America cruise before), so my intent is to splurge on an ocean view room.

That said, when a view is important to me, I book the view that I want and don’t depend on upgrades. I’d also never book higher and then ask to downgrade. If higher was all that was available, as long as it was in my budget I’d take it - if not, I’d look at other resort options.


I voted Other.

Only because the “better” views at DVC resorts cost more in points, therefore I may want a particular view like Standard if booking a 2-bed to save on points.

At any other place it would never occur to me to ask for a particular view.

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The view does not matter that much to me but if I had a view of someone’s feet like this, I would be upset. :unamused:



I voted other because it depends. When we stay at moderates I don’t care about the view since there are no balconies. I don’t like paying for views at deluxe resorts, but have if that’s all that is available (same thing with DVC).

totally depends on trip at wdw. just dh and i in October and not planning on open to close in any park, so i want a lake view at blt

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When we went to Niagra Falls, it was totally worth the upgrade to have a view of the falls. Prime fireworks and lightshow viewing! For Disney, it’s more about location and convenience, hence the garden wing at the Contemporary. Although I could see a bit of the fireworks from our patio, which was nice.

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Assuming we’re talking about destination resorts as opposed to road trips- everything about the room matters to me. Resort amenities are not a big deal, but my pickiness regarding the room is the stuff of family legends. The view is part of that- we’re already paying a small fortune, why would I want to skimp and have a view of the parking lot? There’s nothing magical about that- it could pop my bubble even when I’m in the bubble!

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A quiet location is more important then the view. We don’t do RD so I value my morning sleep. The only view I dislike at WDW is the parking lot. It’s depressing!

I agree only important at a place like AKL. More important to me is quiet - not facing pool, not near ice machine etc.


I’m a mixed answer. I always choose based on view, but only because I hate looking at air conditioning units and pools, and I ALWAYS seem to get stuck with these views if I don’t pay extra and request.