Poll for you - help me decide on resort day breakfast

As our ADR booking day approaching fast, I am trying to decide between multiple options for breakfast on our resort day. The current plan is to have a slow start, have a breakfast at one of the resorts, some pool time, dinner at Sebastian’s Bistro. We are staying off-site for the first half of the trip and in AKL later.

We give the equal weights to good food and exploring resort. Have never been in any of the restaurants, visited WL before and love it. Have never been in Poly, YC or OKW.

  • Wispering Canyon Cafe
  • Ale & Compass
  • Ohana
  • Olivia’s Cafe Brunch

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Too many choices! Help!

So to be clear, on this breakfast day you’ll be at AKL?

Are you already going to Boma there?

No, we are moving to AKL two days later and will have breakfast at Boma then.


So you’ll be coming in from offsite for breakfast, resort explore, back offsite for pool, and the. CBR for Sebastian’s?

Trying to set up the day in my head properly.

How old is everyone?

Yes, the timeline is correct. Two kids - DS14 and DD9.
Do you think it is too much for one day? If this helps - we will have a car and the drive should be under 20 minutes.

I am not going to vote, because I have not had breakfast there…but we did eat at Whispering Canyon Cafe for dinner once. Despite the fact that I absolutely loved the inside of WL…the fact that you are staying at AKL suggests to me that picking WCC might be a little redundant since the architecture is similar.

We did eat breakfast at Poly (Kona), which we loved (the food), but the feel of the resort is not terribly inspirational.

We’ve gone to Olivia’s twice for dinner. The food was amazing, but it is quite a trek to the resort (although, sounds like you are driving)…the restaurant itself is cute, but nothing special.

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Ok based on this I’ve chosen A&C. As Ryan said the architecture of WL is very similar to AKL and while you shouldn’t miss either, the goal it seems is to experience something different.

Poly is awesome but Ohana breakfast is so basic. If you’re going to Poly I would recommend Kona instead. This would put you right in the monorail loop and offer a ride around and maybe a little resort hopping.

Olivia’s did not do it for me (dinner) last year. So I’m passing on recommending that. Also while I love OKW I don’t love it as a destination to explore if you’re not staying there.

Ale and Compass offers a delicious breakfast with some unique items as well as usual fare and buffet as well as plated options. Plenty to explore around Crescent Lake thereafter with YC, BC and BW and it’s beautiful there. Also you could consider a ride on Skyliner hut maybe do that later while at CBR for dinner

I would caution that this rest day breakfast should not require anyone getting up before their body wakes them. And I hope your dinner is on the later side so as to give plenty of resting and pool time after breakfast and resort exploring. Don’t forget to rest on your rest day :wink:



Thanks! This pretty much summarizes my thoughts, but in a clearer way.
Maybe I should relax a bit with planning every minute of a ‘rest day’ :slight_smile:


Yes. Good idea. Might I recommend just giving a framework plan. Like…

Morning, eat breakfast at X and then explore the surrounding resort(s).

Afternoon, lunch wherever we are at, and head back to relax at the pool.

Evening, hit up Disney Springs.

(Not suggesting this actual plan, necessarily, but showing the idea of keeping it relatively loose.)


That is their plan I think (replace Sebastian’s for DS)

Yep, that’s the plan. Don’t worry, Disney Springs is on the list, but for the arrival day. :wink:

Okay. When you said you were planning everything out on the rest day, I thought what you told us in the opening post was merely the highlights. :grinning:

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May I gently pop in with a, “No way”?
You can rest at HOME.
The whole rest on vacation is lost on me. If I want to rest, I do not need to spend a billion dollars and travel to a fun place.


I’m voting for Ale and Compass. It’s the best value (essentially buffet but you get a fresh entree too!) breakfast I know of in WDW, and the entrees are incredibly good. Have someone get the shrimp and grits and someone else get the dark chocolate waffles, they are both phenomenal. They serve the breakfast until 11 so you can go fairly late. And not only can you explore the YC afterward but you could also check out BC, BW and the whole Boardwalk area.


If you have lots of time you could ride a boat to HS and then take Skyliner back to the IG!

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Thank you everyone. Just had a long discussion with kids on what they want to do. They were much more invested than I expected: looked at menus, pictures, etc. So, it looks like we are going back to WL despite the votes.

Also, the pool time is being replaced/shortened with the drive to nature preserve. Kids looked-up Tibet-Butler which is 16 min drive from WL. Has anyone visited this place? Or can recommend something similar, nature related?

I am thinking stop by the Fort Wilderbess horse stables, but not sure if they will let us in without any reservation.

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This :arrow_up:


I had breakfast one time at Kona. The food was good and the coffee was great, but the décor reminded me of Denny’s with bamboo. And the service was not great. Trader’s is about the only thing that will bring me to the Poly; since they redid the lobby (and removed the waterfall) I find the whole thing to be sterile corporate with a Hawaiian theme.

You could do Trails End at FtW for breakfast and then bum around FtW. Same kind of food as WCC.

Otherwise if you want to visit FtW after WL there is a bus that runs between the two so you don’t have to worry about not being let into FtW without a reservation. Or take the boat from WL to MK and then switch to the boat from MK to FtW (the “secret longer way” but nice to be out on the water).

I think FtW and WL have bike rentals you could do for your nature fix.

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Thanks for the boat to MK tip. This is something to consider.

Had brunch at Trails End on our last visit and loved it.