Poll for you - help me decide on resort day breakfast

Small update on our schedule - we ended up booking the horseback riding at Fort Wilderness for the morning and shifted the Wispering Canyon to early lunch. Thank you to @WildernessLodger for the reminder about FtW. It fits great with what we wanted to do.
And thanks to those who voted for Ale & Compass - it’s also booked on our Epcot day :smiley:


Sounds like a great day! A little nature, followed by smoked brisket… my idea of heaven. :blush:

WL pool doesn’t check magic bands or anything so you could try and make a day of it and swim after lunch. WL also has a hidden Mickey hunt that you can get from the front desk, it’s a sheet with clues. Last time a wonderful cast member took my son and I around to find a few. And in the breezeway to the buses, they have tie dye tshirt making and other crafts in the afternoon.

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This would actually be my vote if it was on the poll.

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Great! We might use some of your suggestions.

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That would be a good option to save for the next trip - maybe when kids are a bit older.