Poll! Favorite WDW rollercoaster, Round 1

Okay. Time for a poll. I don’t know if one was already specifically for rollercoasters, but with the recent addition of GOTG and Tron, I figure it is time to do another.

First round…you get to pick your top 3 choices. Comment below on reasons why. You decide how you want to define favorite.

  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  • Space Mountain
  • Goofy’s Barnstormer
  • Tron Lightcycle Run
  • Rockin’ Roller Coaster
  • Slinky Dog Dash
  • Expedition Everest
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
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Note: Test Track is not technically a rollercoaster, in case you wondered why it is not included.


Space Mountain because it was the first coaster I really enjoyed. So happy when Space Mountain opened. It was fun thru the 80s.

But then, just when Space Mtn was getting tough, mag lev and three inversions smoothed the way. Rock n Roller Coaster took over the lead.

Cosmic Rewind/GotG could bump RnRC into 2nd place. I need a few more turns to be sure.


Steppin’ on my poll groove! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :joy:

JK I always love a good poll, regardless of who creates it.

I picked Tron and Guardians of the Galaxy because I think they are two of the smoothest, most thrilling coasters on property. They are a lot of fun, and the theming is great. Very different from each other though.

My long-time favorite is Expedition Everest. I just love that huge drop toward the end, as well as all the other elements that I won’t know just in case there is some rando who would be spoiled.

I really like all the others on the list (besides Barnstormer, which is fun to take my 4-year-old on but is otherwise lame). They all have their unique charms and / or thrills.


Voted based on not having yet experienced GotG or Tron.

EE is my favourite WDW coaster.


Guardians: fun, theming, music, smooth, sufficient duration

RnR: fast, fun, inversion, The Bad Boys Of (Sunapee NH) Boston, music, smooth

Everest: duration, backwards, Joe Rohde built it, disco Yeti, no actual inversion but feels like inversion while going backward. Bonus: views from the top.


RnR was my favorite, although GOTG edged it out very slightly. Only very slightly, mind.

3rd place was hard. SDD has sweet family memories attached, so it edged out EE, although that one is right there, oh so close. Should be a tie really.


I haven’t done Tron yet so had to discount that. GotG and EE are in my top 3 rides overall with TOT so they were easy picks. My last choice was between RnRC and BTMRR, but RnRC wins because if you’re on the front row of BTM it is so slow and a bit boring.

  1. GotG, 2. EE, and 3. BTM – I would ride all three as many times as possible.

GotG is my favorite ride ANYWHERE. I just laugh and sing all the way through. There’s nothing like it.

EE has the biggest thrill factor of all three. Going backward in the dark is just the best.

BTM is equal parts fun and nostalgic. It was my favorite as a kid. I love everything about it except the ridiculously loud part.


Even though I created the poll, I had a hard time making a decision.

While I would have liked to put GOTG in my top three choices, ultimately I didn’t. I will get to that.

First, Expedition Everest. Just an all around great coaster with very unique elements when it was built. Plus, being totally accessible to young kids.

Next, Space Mountain. It might be entirely for nostalgic reasons, but I just love this coaster…and it was one of the first coasters I ever rode. It almost single-handedly turned me into a coaster enthusiast. It is getting a little long in the tooth, and I think it might be time for it to be updated…but I still will take the time to ride this every single time I go.

Third…this is where it got hard. But I decided to go with BTMRR. It is a basic coaster…but long and just fun fun fun. And again, something I could ride with my kids when they were young. It also is rather visually stunning.

GOTG may be an objectively better coaster…and I have only ridden it once so far. It was a great coaster by all accounts. But I ultimately couldn’t put it as a favorite simply because I had to work too hard for it. Even with Dramamine in my system, I came off slightly nauseated. And during the ride, I had to keep finding visual points if reference to help stem off the ill feeling. So, I couldn’t just ride it and enjoy it without working too much for it. A shame, since it is otherwise such a great coaster.


It makes total sense for you not to put a ride that makes you sick in your top 3, it doesn’t matter how good it is if you can’t ride it.


I am not a roller coaster person. I don’t like going upside down but I have ridden all the roller coasters at Disney and so I have opinions.
I love Guardians so I voted for that.

I always think Slinky is any easy coaster and then I’m on it and it’s like “what have I done!!!??!” But I like the smoothness so it got a vote.

And third for me is Tron - the take off was so fast I closed my eyes I was so scared! But I also loved how smooth it is. I know it gets a bad rap for the length but I thought it was perfect.

Honorable mention - BTMRR. Though after my DLP trip, I can say the DLP version is better.


What she said!

EE is a family favorite. GOTG is party.

I had ro pick SDD as the third, because it is joyful and I absolutely love riding it at night.

I alos love BTM, but these others edge it out.


I like the DLR version better too!


This is what kept the WDW Space Mountain off my list. I love that coaster for 100 reaons but sometimes it feels.like work to come off of it without injury.


I’m with you, Ryan. GotG is a better coaster but it made me queasy so no vote for my favorite. EE is the clear choice. Then I included Tron for the takeoff and SDMT because I love the break in the diamond mine…it’s a great combination of “coaster” and classic indoor dark ride.


That’s fair. The effort for some of these rides can be a fun killer


Yeah. Space Mountain can be a bit rough…particularly if you go to the left side. The right side is much better. Last time we were there, the CM would NOT let me go to the right side, though. He directed me to the left. When I said I wanted to go to the right because it is smoother, he refused to let me. :confused: Still fun, but I find it “funner” to the right! :slight_smile:


Try the last row. It’s least lame.

  1. GotG
  2. RnRC
  3. BTMR

I haven’t ridden Tron, I’m guessing it might make it to 2. or 3.

GotG in undoubtedly the most fun in every way. It’s also the most unique coaster there by far. RnRC is fast and a thrill. BTMR is all about the nostalgia.


I I haven’t done GotG or Tron yet either… I choose the 3 that I do like… two of them are “must-do” for me and the 3rd was me picking something so I could cast a ballot. (It wouldn’t let me just do 2 choices)