Please Post Your Room Request Results

I wonder if it has to do with the location of this particular room


Seems like both sides of that hallway are potentially Savanna view, depending how far down you go. I would assume that since this one is pretty close to the lobby, and has a view really of the people pen, it qualifies as Standard

Here you can see that the highlighted rooms are standard. Near to the lobby they are even numbers. The other side of the hallway is odd numbered. Down the hallway to the left, the highlighted rooms are odd numbered (standard) and the other side (even) are savanna

So I don’t think it’s a hard and fast even/standard odd/savanna

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I should have said, “I thought one side….” that was what I was trying to figure out. Thanks


Resort: Pop Century
Room Type: Standard room
Room Requested: ** see notes below
Method: TP request
Room Assigned: 6425-- Room request met

Notes: Stay May 13-16. I had two reservations–One with the summer discount for Saturday night, and the second for two nights with Visa discount. My TA had requested that we be able to stay in the same room. I had two trips on the tip board and made the same request for both. I did online check in as well.

Below is the specific text I used in the Notes section of the TP request.

*I don’t have a specific room request but I would love to have any room in building 4 or 5 of the 1960’s section to be close to the skyliner. If that isn’t available any room in Building 6 of the 1970’s section would be my next choice. I will be continuing my stay at Pop May 14-16 with reservation number XXX and would like to be able to stay in the same room. *

Any room on building 4, 5, or 6 would be perfect so that we could quickly access the skyliner. Being close to the skyliner and staying in the same room are my priorities.


That’s 8 out of 10 times I’ve stayed at Pop and had my request met. The two times the request wasn’t met were my first two trips and I just requested a specific room with only the TP text. After I started requesting buildings–since that’s all I’m really worried about–my request has been met each time.


That’s some good data!

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I went last week, stayed 2 nights Pop (preferred room), they made our beds the first day. I was so pleasantly surprised.

Also, requested 1970s section on the first floor, and they gave us building 6 first floor.


Was there a group in the Mighty Ducks section?

I’ve had it multiple times at the Values where I was not put in my requested section but was told at the desk (I went to make sure my Magic Band was linked since one time it wasn’t even though MDE indicated it was - not to fuss about not getting my request) something along the lines of “I see you had requested this section, but there is a group taking up almost all the rooms and we figured you’d be happier not with them.”

Requests are always only requests - but sometimes there is a reason for them. Which is why I always put a priority and a short explanation - like top floor is almost always my top priority because I am a solo female. That way the assigner has an idea of why I’m requesting what I’m requesting. (Granted the solo female thing doesn’t always mean I get a closer room. My one time at POFQ I did get top floor, but rather than in a closer building which I’d requested, I was in the furthest building and was literally the furthest room in the building. It was an “upgrade” from standard to river view…but my theory is someone else was given that room and balked at the distance so whatever room I’d been assigned got given to them since my room number had not been texted/emailed yet and my arrival was after midnight.)


That could have been the reason, but I don’t know. I never asked or tried to move.

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Resort: Art of Animation
Class of room booked: Little Mermaid Regular Room
Method used (e.g. fax request, note on reservation, on-line check-in, etc.): TP room request
Room requested: 7813 or any room in that wing of building 7.
Result: 3536 first floor Cars Suite.

Somehow we got magically upgraded to a Cars suite which was wonderful. Having the 2nd bathroom and ability to have some privacy with the ability to close the door to the bedroom was great despite only having 3 in the room. And even better was we got it at Little Mermaid prices. First floor was fine here and appreciated in the evenings after a long day in the parks. Room was ideally located for a relatively short walk to both the Skyliner and the buses and with a relatively short walk to both the laundry and food courts.

Given the upgrade, it is tough to evaluate the room finder request - my goal was close as possible to Skyliner and this was even closer so I guess it was a win…


That’s awesome! A second bathroom is always nice lol.


It was a great upgrade. DS21 proclaimed it the best room we’ve stayed in at Disney and we’ve stayed Deluxe often. Not sure I’d go that far as a nice Deluxe view with a balcony can be pretty sweet, but it was an enjoyable enough stay that I’ll keep my eye out for AoA suite discounts going forward…


Last October our room request was for 4337 and we got room 2120.

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I know I have asked a similar question before, but I could not find it, so I apologize! I had a room request sent on 5/31 for arrival on 6/30. Yesterday I had to change our arrival date to 7/1. Resort reservation # did not change. Should I re-submit the room request, or will it be ok? Thanks!


I’d resubmit, just to be sure.


Dec 31, 2022 to Jan 8, 2023

  • Resort: POP Century
  • Class of room booked: Standard
  • Method used (e.g. fax request, note on reservation, on-line check-in, etc.) TP Request
  • Room requested: Chose 4437 from the TP map, and I left the default wording in the request.
  • Additional circumstances: We requested a 4th floor with a lake view and a view of Lion King at AoA. We also stated we were making our first Holiday visit.
  • Result: 5218, Building 5, 60’s - Surprisingly quiet on 2nd floor. We had super easy access to the Skyliner, walk to food court was quick. We still received a lake view with a Cars view of AoA. I was still happy.

Resort: Beach Club Villas
Room Type: 2-Bedroom Dedicated
Method: TP
Requested: Beach Club Villas,Flr 2,SE-facing room.Exmple:224,225,222,227,220,219,229,231
Body of request: Priority 1) On the side closer to Lobby / Transport; Priority 2) Upper floor; Thank you!

Result: 402

This room was the closest possible to the lobby / transport and was on an upper floor! The only problem was that we had a stroller and had to walk to the elevator, which wasn’t too far, but it made it so our walk was more than it appeared from the map since there was some backtracking. We took the stairwell right next to our room a couple of times when we didn’t have a stroller.

We LOVED the room and since it was on the 4th floor, it was one of the renovated rooms (also 5th floor — remaining floors scheduled for this fall).

P.S. Magic Bands didn’t work on the stairwell door even though it was supposed to buzz in with a “room key.” But it was unlocked during the day.


Staying at POP May 13 to 24
Requested through Tour Plans
Building 3, top floor, back side, connecting rooms

Building 9, bottom floor, next to main walkway not connecting but near each other.

Could not have been further from what I asked. It was like they looked at it and said how can we make it the exact opposite. I asked at check-in to see if they could honor these request but could not due to full capacity.


Resort: Animal Kingdom Lodge - Kidani
Room Type: 2-Bedroom Dedicated
Method: TP
Requested: Bldg Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas South Trail,Flr 2,SE-facing room.Exmple:7212
Body of request: Priority 1) Close to Lobby / Transport; Priority 2) Floor 2 or 3; Priority 3) Overlooking Sunset Savannah; We are bringing my wife’s parents for their first and likely only time at WDW and would love them to have the greatest savannah view possible! Thank you!

Result: 7641

This room was four “nodes” from the lobby, which felt far but not nearly as far as it could have been! Can’t imagine being on the opposite side of the loop. It was on the lobby level so we didn’t need the elevators unless we were going to the pool, which was visible from our balcony.

We were overlooking Pembe savanna, not Sunset as requested, but otherwise it was a great room that met our needs. We enjoyed the views. The living room / kitchen felt more spacious than the Jambo 2 bedroom we stayed in last trip.


P.S. Casanova, the bird featured in the Disney+ series on Animal Kingdom, hung out in the area below our balcony basically all day. Also visible were okapi and occasionally other types of hoofed animals.


Resort- Yacht Club
Room type- 2 queen beds water view
Request- room 4161 and list of other nearby rooms. Priorities: upper floor room near lobby with view of crescent lake
Also I called reservations and put in the same request. I know there are no guarantees.

Result- 3021
All the way near end of resort, super far from lobby. Although it was a very long walk, we had a beautiful view of crescent lake and Epcot fireworks. Also we were close to stairwell that led to outside. We used this most of the time.