Please Post Your Room Request Results

I haven’t had a ton of luck with the room requests in the last couple of years but then this for our Christmas trip! Had to share:
Resort: Boardwalk Inn
Class Booked: Boardwalk view 2 double beds with sofa bed
Method Used: TP Request
Room Requested: 3245
Additional Circumstances: None
Result: 3247!
Almost a direct match. Same amazing view. We were so happy.


Holy good lord that’s incredible! :heart_eyes:


Just remembered to post mine.

Resort: OKW (booked on cash through UK Disney)
Room type: 1-bedroom
Method: TP
I deleted all room info and just requested building 31 of higher for 2 doors into bathroom. Said a view of water would be great but stressed again we wanted 2 doors to bathroom for privacy reasons.
Result: Building 38, 3rd floor, 3843 (I think)
And we had a great view of golf course and a pond off to right. A little road noise but blocked by trees.


Resort: Bay Lake Tower
Room type: 2-bed standard ( those are on floors 1-4)
Method: call with Member Services
Requested: higher floor, would love to look towards Bay Lake.
Additional Info: They had belated 21st trip, another birthday, 31st wedding anniversary and retirement noted!

Result: Upgraded to Lake view on floor 9, room 7947. Inside of arc, facing pool and Bay Lake.

So success both times, both DVC resorts but using 2 different methods.


I’m going to post my requests now before they actually start to happen in a few days, so I don’t forget what I requested. Will update with results as they happen!

Resort: GF Villas
**Room type: **1-bedroom, standard (rental points)
Method: TP
Requested: 1609 (in the TP dashboard), but really “ANY”
Notes: I decided to experiment, since I booked this 100% because it was the best deal available for my arrival night… I deleted all of the info in the actual room request, and just wrote “ANY”. In the notes box I wrote:
"Hi! I’ve got a 1 bedroom villa booked for just one night, 1/18. It’s just me and I’m arriving very late (after midnight), so I really don’t care where you put me… any room in the entire resort (deluxe studio, resort studio, or regular rooms included) will do. I’m just happy to already be at Disney World when I wake up in the morning!

Resort: AK Villas- Jambo
**Room type: **Studio, savanna view (rental points)
Method: TP
Requested: 5206 (“Jambo,Flr 5,NW-facing room.Exmple:5206,5205,5208,5203,5209,4206,6206,4205,4207” but TP shows 5206 as the only lobby building non-club DVC savanna view studio)
Notes: “Hello!
I’ll be staying in a Jambo House savanna view studio for just one night. I’ve never stayed in the lobby section of the resort, so it would be neat to stay there if there are any savanna view rooms. If not then I’d love any room that has a lovely view in the morning.

Resort: Saratoga Springs
**Room type: **2 bedroom, standard (DVC points, with an associated cash-booking standard studio)
Method: TP
Requested: Bldg 8-10 The Paddock
Notes: "Hello! We’re visiting from January 20-24 and we’ll be joined by our friends Abigail XX and Nicole XX & family. They have a standard studio booked with the confirmation #XXXX and we’d like to be at least in the same building, if not on the same floor or next to each other.

We’d love to be in the Paddock, in building 8, 9, or 10. We’ve stayed at SSR before and were disappointed to hear our favorite pool would be closed during our visit, but it looks like the weather will be perfect to try out the Paddock pool & grill for the first time ever!


Mentioned this in my report but forgot to post here:

Resort: Polynesian, theme park view
Method: TP, sent about 10 days prior
Requested: “Tuvalu building, 3rd floor, Theme Park view (for example: 3407-3412)”

Result: 1408 on 1st floor. Correct building, but 1st floor and obviously a less ideal view. Called front desk, was switched without hesitation to 2410 (2nd floor) with a notably better view.

So the request wasn’t a big success, but thankfully there were other rooms available! Afaik 90% of theme park view rooms are in Tuvalu, so I don’t really know if my request was acknowledged or not.


Wow, the TP room finder must be a bit confused. I seem to remember reading that before.

There are 33 Savannah studios at Jambo!


Does 2nd floor Tuvalu have a regular balcony or just a Juliette?

Just a juliette on the 2nd

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Ope… I forgot a word. I meant specifically in the lobby building.


It’s all one building! :thinking: But I assume you mean the middle block.

Right… when you’re looking at the TP room finder it’s got it separated into 5 different sections.

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I assume that’s because every section has a name for it, so it treats it like a separate building. But it can be misleading if people don’t realise it’s all one actual building. Not like at OKW or the Poly, for example.


I’ll ask Disney for an update to our list. They’re pretty good about that.


Resort: Pop Century
Room Type : Standard View
Method: TP and and also in notes for online check-in I requested 50’s building
Requested: 3435 - Bldg 1950s,Flr 4,NW-facing room.Exmple:3435,3434,3436,3433,3432,3431,3430,3429

Received: 2nd floor in 90’s building so not even close.


Resort: Port Orleans Riverside
Room Type: Standard View
Method: TP
Requested: no specific room number I don’t think
Body of request: Room request priorities are: 1. Upper floor 2. Corner room 3. As near as possible to transportation and food court Thank you for making this first stay at Port Orleans Riverside memorable for me!

Result: 3613 - First floor, not corner room, a bajillionty miles away from food court and half a bajillionty miles away from transportation.

Epic fail :laughing:

But, my room was super quiet (I ask for upper floor because I worry about people above me and did not hear any), I was literal steps from the quiet pool had that been a thing, and I did have a nice (not parking lot) woods view which I guess is an upgrade.

It was a very nice stay indeed. Would stay again.


Resort: All-Star Movies
Room Type: Preferred
Method: TP
Requested: 8859
Body of request: Priorities: 1. Upper floor 2. Near transportation

Result: 5821

The room was in the other building but actually was a better location. My room was on the 2nd floor right next to the ice and vending machine (perfect for grabbing a coke in the morning), quiet, faced away from the pool, and wasn’t too far from the stairs.


Just wanted to post a successful request!

Resort: Polynesian
Room type: Club level theme park view
Request method: TP (and only TP because I could not find where to reiterate the request on the check in screens!)
Room requested: 3516 Bldg Hawaii,Flr 3,N-facing room.Exmple:3516,3515,3517,3514,3518
The important part was top floor but really also wanted the quieter (away from club entrance) end of the hall and not to be adjoining.
Room received: 3517 - perfect on every account! Sad to leave it but hopeful to get it again someday!


I don’t think there is an option for requests anymore when checking in (online or app), or they are very very limited (like “close to elevator” etc). Maybe this varies by resort because I’ve seen some mentions of different request options, but I couldn’t do it when checking into Poly either. Phone or fax seem like the only feasible methods.

Glad to hear you got the perfect room!


That makes me feel a bit better that it wasn’t just me missing it! I would have been happy with just the high floor/low floor drop down that I vaguely remember from other check ins (with only 3 floors that would have gotten my main point across) but happy TP requests were there instead.


Last year, I asked via TP and reservation note for a regular room with a partial savannah view (the holy grail) at Animal Kingdom Lodge, and we got a room with a view on the parking lot.

My wife then went to the reception and kindly asked for a room with partial savannah view, and we got a fantastic room with partial savannah view.