Please Post Your Room Request Results

  • Resort: Caribbean Beach

  • Class of room booked: 2 rooms - 1 standard with 5th sleeper, 1 standard with 2 queen beds

  • Method used (e.g. fax request, note on reservation, on-line check-in, etc.): TP room request fax

  • Room requested: 4533 & 4534 (Jamaica section, near Caribbean Cay bridge)

  • Additional circumstances: We noted that we were traveling with the other group, as the name and payment was under two different people. We asked for a connecting or adjoining room as first priority. We noted that the second priority was to be in the same building. The third priority was location to Old Port Royale and the Skyliner.

  • Result: 5109 and 5110. We got connecting rooms (TP did not list these as connecting) and we were just one building farther than the request. We got ground floor, which was not what I originally requested but ended up loving it. We could walk easily to the Jamaica bus stop and quiet pool, and it was quick to get to Caribbean Cay and OPR. I loved this location. It was also relatively equidistant to the Riviera Skyliner and the Skyliner hub. The view was mediocre, but I didn’t care. We didn’t have a balcony to enjoy a view anyway.


Room Request for December 2022 - Port Orleans Riverside
(We booked a standard room.)

Bldg 85, Magnolia Terrace, Flr 2, CORNER room NEAR PARKING LOT. Exmple:,8722,8718,8715,8798,8795,8791 OR if not available: 1st Floor Corner Room: 8522, 8518, 8515, 8598, 8595, 8591


  3. IF corner rooms are unavailable, other Bldg 85 standard rooms are okay.

RESULT: Building 80-Acadian House in Magnolia Bend-Room 8005, which was a “Woods View” and an upgrade from the standard room we booked and requested.

The Acadian House as well as the Terrace was a short walk to the bridge to the lobby/food court so I’d say the request was a success, although it was not a corner room. Thank you TouringPlans!

We arrived at Riverside around 1 P.M. which was the arrival time we gave Disney. About 30 seconds after we checked in at the gate, we received a text that our room was ready. I assumed that it was because of some magical pixie dust that our room was instantly ready when we wanted it, but was it because they knew we were on property and they gave us an available room so we wouldn’t have to wait? Guess we’ll never know.


Resort: All Star Movies
TP room request fax
Room requested: None just that we wanted something quiet and safe due to traveling alone. But wanted first available since arriving early. Said we would arrive by 10am in the app, showed up at 1 ish and no room assigned so went to front desk and asked.
Got room 5723 1st floor which I don’t like (connecting room)- Toy Story area, back side, near where they store towel carts sometimes. Close to a parking lot if you need that.
Requested highest room but we told the CM at the front desk that we would really take anything. If was a little loud at night and in the morning when trying to sleep in or trying to get to bed early for an early flight. Was convenient to lobby, pool, bus stop etc.
No complaints except for noise but that was to be expected. I still don’t like the floors because they never look clean and I am sure they aren’t lol.
Quick walk to pool and laundry which was also good.