Please Post Your Room Request Results

What?! Were you not out on the balcony much? I know you had a busy trip.

I was in my room a few hours each morning and seriously 0 animals. I left at 11 this morning and between 8:30 and 11 I only saw 1 CM out there.

Maybe they were doing something with the watering hole and not allowing animals there?


That deserves a call to GS. Maybe you can get a gift card or something. That’s a lot of points to drop with no extra benefit above standard room. I know they can’t guarantee animals, but with the amount of time you were out there it’s a fact pattern I would think they would be sympathetic to if you asked nicely.


I don’t actually think this will result in anything because

so I think that would be the response.

Sucky not to have seen any though. I’d have been disappointed too.

Is the Jambo savanna less active than the Kidani one? I rarely didn’t see animals when we were there at almost any time of day and it was HOT out there. I think I recall that some savannas are more active than others so I wonder if that’s the issue - and then I need to take note of that!


I don’t know if it’s bc I was so far down the building and they mostly congregated by the main lookout or what. Walking the looong hall towards the main lobby I did see some smaller animals on the other savanna on the opposite side I was on. That’s why I wondered if it was due to the water hole the cm was working in.


Oh if they had a savanna “offline” for maintenance that’s a different story and WOULD warrant a points refund


I agree the watering hole is the best angle. Even if it wasn’t that, they have the latitude to grant some pixie dust, not necessarily “compensation.” I probably wouldn’t bother cause I’m not the type to impose, but if I were to call, I’d say something like, “I know there’s no guarantee of animals, and I’m not entitled to any compensation but if there’s any small way you can help remove the sting of this experience, I would be very grateful.”

A letter might be better than a call to make sure the tone is right.


I reach out just to tell them my experience.


Pop Century standard room. Made request for room 5113 through TP. Got room 4259. It was a quick walk down a purple yo-yo to skyliner and fairly close to both pool and main building. Great view.


Grand Floridian garden view. Requested 5320 through TP. Got 6408. Medium far from main entrance. Only a partial balcony. Kiddie pool is very noisy.


Resort- Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo house
Room type- 1 bedroom, savannah view
Wanted to be close to lobby and have good view of animals.
Received room 5379
Room was all the way at end of hallway which was a very long walk. Have stayed in the same location before but on sunset savannah. This was Arusha savanna and we rarely ever saw any animals. Every morning I sat on the balcony drinking coffee, just waiting for animals but they never came. Had a great sunrise view! During afternoon breaks I occasionally saw something walk across to head near lobby and saw the most animal activity one day when it was raining. When we stayed sunset savannah in 2019 we had a ton of animals from morning to night and that was only considered a standard view.


Requested 3914 and got 1901 Tokelau at Poly. Not even close but in the correct bldg. but it turned out to be a really GREAT location for getting in really late after attending the MVMCP on 12/4. The room was the first one in the door on ground floor. Perfect after 15 hours in the MK.


Resort - Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo
Class of room booked - Standard 2 Qn, Military Rate
Method used - TP
Room requested - 3230
Additional circumstances - I asked for any partial view room on the Kudu section specifcally
Result - 3349, which was a 2:47 walk to the lobby from our room, and we ALWAYS saw animals right from our balcony. We had full sun for most of the day on the balcony, so it was warm out there. We had 4 reticulated giraffes resting right outside our room one evening- they were all sitting in a row. Very cool. We arrived to the resort around 8A after a red-eye, and we did NOT request early checkin (because I was really hoping for a partial savannah), but they had our room ready for us at 1P! It was absolutely perfect. I loved it. We did have a view of the people pen, but directly across the savanna from us was the viewing area from Kidani, so there were lots of feeding stations and what not because they wanted to keep animals in the area for Sanaa and what not.


Resort - Port Orleans French Quarter
Class of room booked - Garden View 2Qn, Military Rate
Method used - TP
Room requested - 1340
Additional circumstances - Requested a room without a connecting door, in building 1 specifically.
Result - 4340.

This room did have a connecting door, but it was quiet. We arrived to the resort around 11A and dropped off our luggage before going to DS, so they may have moved us to whatever was first available vs even looking at the room request. We ended up getting our room assignment around 12 noon! The room was quiet, it was on the 3rd floor but a great location for getting to the buses (around a 0:47 walk). Honestly I was glad to not be on the river or closer to the river bc the horns would probably drive me nuts!


Resort - Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo
Class of room booked - Standard 2 Qn,
Method used - TP
Room requested - AKL 4216-4238 or 3216-3238
Additional circumstances - I asked for any partial savanna view room
Result - 2257, which was on the Kudu Trail. I ended up really liking this room. It was a quick walk to the the lobby. We saw animals every morning. It was a connecting room and only had a shower stall, but it was fine for us.


Resort: Riviera
Class Booked: Deluxe Studio Standard View
Method Used: TP Request
Room Requested: 8969
Additional Circumstances: None
Result: 8627

Knowing the room booked was standard/parking lot view, I was hoping for a view of EPCOT. Did not get the room requested, but did get a good view of EPCOT/Spaceship Earth.

Resort: Grand Floridian
Class Booked: Garden View Outer
Method Used: TP Request
Room Requested: 8217
Additional Circumstance: None
Result: 8217

I missed a tiny detail when searching pics of room 8217. There was a note with the room pic pointing out the actual picture was of room 8317. Therefore, 8317 is the room I should have requested. However, 8217 was fine. Great view of the marina and close to Gasparilla Grill/QS restaurant.


  • Resort
    Boardwalk Villas
  • Class of room booked
    1 bedroom preferred
  • Method used (e.g. fax request, note on reservation, on-line check-in, etc.)
    TP fax request
  • Room requested
  • Additional circumstances (anything that may have affected your request)
    Floor 4 or 5, facing SW or Hollywood Studios
  • Result
    Not even close :frowning:
    Farthest hall from elevators or lobby, tucked in the corner so we overlooked other bedrooms, balconies etc.
    But the weather was perfect and the little ones didn’t know the difference.

Is that still a preferred room location?

That is definitely a pool/garden view.

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Oh yeah villas are based on view, not proximity.