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Resort: All Star Music
Room type: Standard
Request: Touring Plans
Requested room: 8438
Received room: 5645

I was hoping for a relatively quiet room that was still a short walk to the main building. I also knew that I was going to be walking to and from my room in the dark, so I ideally didn’t want to be on the backside of the buildings that faced forestry. I got essentially the opposite of both of those hopes (far walk and faced the forests), but the room was certainly quiet. My room did have a wall (tv side of the room) shared with a maintenance hallway type area, but I didn’t notice any additional noise from that or the elevators.

  • Resort - Port Orleans French Quarter
  • Class of room booked - Garden view
  • Method used - TP
  • Room requested - 6108
  • Additional circumstances - I asked to be near the frog fountain which is centrally located between buildings 4, 6, and 8. And it was my birthday, but I had not mentioned that anywhere. Somehow they knew, because…
  • Result - We were placed in 2329, which was an upgrade to a 3rd floor water view room. It was very quiet – I don’t believe the resort was full, which blows my mind. I considered requesting to be downgraded to my original request – I really love that fountain – but in the end, I think the quiet and the free view were lovely after all.

There are only 7 buildings! We were a bit disappointed to be upgraded to river view there when we’d booked standard and requested building 4. I thought building 6 was going to be a longer walk than it was. But wow, the view! Gorgeous. Our room wasn’t quiet though.


ROFL, I fat-fingered that! Yes, of course, there are only 7 buildings. Sorry 'bout that typo!

We stayed in 6 in '98 which is when I fell in love with that resort and that adorable fountain. But the resort is so small, nothing is a long walk. Heaven!


Yes, so I widened my horizons and requested 6, 5, 2 or 1 for my garden view room this year. Sod’s law, I got building 4 :joy:


We call him Murphy. :rofl:


I’m aware. We do too sometimes but not usually.

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Garden view
Touringplans fax
Requested 4133
Actual room 3325

Requested building 4 or 3 in notes, with no connecting door. The room has no connecting door and a quick walk to lobby and bus stop.


I’m requesting a CBR room for our upcoming, twice delayed, 8-night stay (only 32 days away!) near the main hub Skyliner station (first floor as stairs aren’t great for one of us) and when I pick out a room on the room finder/reservation tool (4311) the string attached to the request has room numbers that don’t match my reservation room type of Standard view, 5th sleeper… I’m confused!

Bldg Jamaica,Flr 1,NW-facing room.Exmple:4311,4310,4312,4309,4313,4314,4315

From what I can see on the map only 4311 is in our room type.
Is this usual or should I change the string to match the room numbers TP has listed as SV5th? Or maybe I just go with MDE/Travel Agent request and hope for the best?
We are staying at CBR because DH loves the skyliner and doesn’t want to stay anywhere else…I don’t want to stay at CBR and end up “mile away” from the only reason we are there…it’s our 10+21 Anniversary and I’m hoping for a little bit of magic after all the postponements! :smiley:

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I think the collective wisdom here is to keep that text in bc it’s ‘room assigner speak’ and they should know what that means. In the text box though I would be specific about what you want and why and then hope for the best.


I just went with the suggested string…fingers crossed for a good outcome!

Please let me know how this works out for you! We’re planning to go for the same rooms next month

Resort : Pop Century
Class of room booked : Standard
Method : TP Fax Request
Room requested : 3355 or similar
Additional Circumstances : none
Result : 8337. Ouch. Not even close to our request.


Oh wow! I think this is where it helps to put some short notes about what you want in a room. The similar part is 3rd floor. That’s it. Soooo faaarrr away!

  • Resort - Art of Animation
  • Class of room booked - Little Mermaid Room
  • Method used - TP
  • Room requested - 7837
  • Additional circumstances - I put in a note: “My daughter and I are celebrating her 16th birthday. She loves the Little Mermaid, so we’re excited to have a Little Mermaid theme room, and would love a high floor with a nice view if possible. Thank you! :)”
  • Result - 7839

The room had a lovely view of the skyliner, which we barely looked at. :slight_smile: