Please Post Your Room Request Results

• Resort: CBR
• Class of room booked: Pirate Room, Water View
• Method used(e.g. fax request, note on reservation, on-line check-in, etc.): TP request only
• Room requested: 3533
• Additional circumstances (anything that may have affected your request): None
• Result: 3827, not even close and barely a water view.

• Resort: Polynesian Village Resort
• Class of room booked: Deluxe Studio, Standard View
• Method used(e.g. fax request, note on reservation, on-line check-in, etc.): TP request, online check-in request Tokelau
• Room requested: Tokelau 3914 or thereabouts; wanted 3rd floor on that end and side of the building
• Additional circumstances (anything that may have affected your request): The confluence of Presidents Week and Mardi Gras Week meant things are super busy.
• Result: Tokelau 2924 - right end of the building but opposite side and second floor. It was still nice though.


Resort: Riviera
Class of Room: Deluxe Studio, Standard View
Method Used: TP Fax Request, during online check-in requested a higher floor close to the Skyliner
Room Requested: 8827
Additional Circumstances: None
Result: 8827, exactly the room requested!


Resort: CBR
Class of Room: Standard
Method Used: During online check-in requested a room near Old Port Royale and pool
Room Requested: None
Additional Circumstances: None
Result: got 3101 in Barbados, a first floor corner/water view preferred room, literally the closest room possible to the main pool/Old Port Royale. No idea why we got so lucky but we were thrilled with it

  • Resort: POP
  • Class of room booked: standard
  • Method used (e.g. fax request, note on reservation, on-line check-in, etc.) TP
  • Room requested: 5113
  • Additional circumstances (anything that may have affected your request) Added note 60’s 1st floor with view of hourglass lake.
  • Result: 8621 2nd floor 90s building. Terrible location. Went to desk and was moved to 4157 60s 1st floor with view of lake.
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Resort: akl jambo
Class of room: 2br lockoff w dvc pts
Method: sent request through dvc member
Requested: 5513, arusha savanna
Result: 5506/8, across the hall facing uzumi savanna

Thought about asking to move across the hall, but when we got there our savanna was full of everything but zebra. The rest of the trip this was not the case, only animals between the hours of 9 and 5, not sure if that is true for all savannas

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Split stay: Coronado Springs/Pop: family of 6, 2 rooms booked in each resort. Connecting requested.


  • Resort: Coronado Springs
  • Room type: Standard
  • Method: TP fax/online check-in
  • Requested: Cabanas 8A rooms 8145/8146 connecting.
  • Extenuating circumstances: Got to resort at 12:30pm, we were hot, tired, I had a major headache. Disney text said room not ready, went to front desk and asked to drop bags, they asked if we wanted to see if other rooms were available, we said sure. We were up at 4am so just wanted to get to a room at that point.
  • Result: Ranchos 6B 6743/6744 connecting.

In the end we were very happy with Ranchos - quiet, beautiful, not too far from dig site pool and better bus situation than Cabanas would have been (Cabanas stop was often skipped at RD). Bridges make the resort very walkable, much easier than our LMR experience at AoA in 2019!


  • Resort: Pop Century
  • Room type: Preferred Pool View
  • Method: TP fax/online check-in
  • Requested: 4170/4171
  • Extenuating circumstances: none
  • Result: Success! got room 4170/4171. Bags were in our room when we arrived from our day at BB.

This was an absolutely perfect location, very close to skyliner, buses and pool. Loved being on the first floor for quick in and out. Did hear some laughter in the evening at the pool, but that didn’t bother us at all. No noises to note from above or next door.

Take away: no worries about getting connecting rooms for our family, Disney takes care of larger families!


Requested 60s, 3rd floor, 5336, standard
Faxed tp request

Received 70s, 1st floor

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4/17 ASMo
Requested Mighty Ducks third floor
Got Love Bug third floor



4/2 BLT Lake View Studio: requested 8108 (upper floor, partial theme park view from balcony), got 7238, low floor view of Contemporary marina. Nowhere near requested.

Ended up loving 2nd floor because of ease of stair use (especially when forgetting things in the morning). I wonder if it would have been too loud if the resort loop boats were actually running.

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4/19 GDT
Requested either upper level corner room or 9110 or others in that bank of rooms on upper floor

Got 9110! And it was killer. 1000% recommend

Someone said it was a bit of a walk from the elevator? If that’s a bit of a walk I would not recommend staying at AKL or BWV :laughing: I was only maybe 6-8 rooms from the elevator bank. Room was super quiet. Loved it.

  • Resort: OKW
  • Class of room booked: 1BR, Standard View
  • Method used (e.g. fax request, note on reservation, on-line check-in, etc.): TP Room Finder fax
  • Room requested: 4321
  • Additional circumstances (anything that may have affected your request): Friend with OKW reservation called resort 10d out, requested a Grand Villa in building 43 (only bldg with GV in Turtle Pond section of OKW) and an adjacent 1BR for her party, also mentioned our reservation and that we would like to be in the same building.
  • Result: Assigned 3824 (asked at front desk for a different building further from Bonnet Creek Pkwy and got upgraded to 2BR 4523–score!)



I totally forgot to put this here in December and I don’t remember any of the details (which exact room I requested and which exact room # we got) but I want to share what I do remember. We had a split stay in mid-december between the Cabins at Ft. Wilderness and CBR. This was our first time requesting. We used the TP fax.

We requested one of the two cabins close to the docks (I think they are in the 100’s loop) because we were concerned about having to take our son on the bus to get on the boat to get to MK. We arrived very late (around 6:00pm) and did not get our requested cabin. Our worries were not realized though, as our son handled all the transportation transfers like a champ, so it didn’t matter :grin:

For CBR we requested first floor courtyard view in Jamaica, so we could be close to the skyliner (and the Joffrey’s), have some privacy, and not have to worry about stairs. I gave three example room numbers, and got exactly one of the room numbers I had listed. It was an amazing room and amazing stay! We got there very early in the day, hoping to use the pool while we waited for our room (around 11:00am) and they had the room ready for us before we even made it to the lobby.


Art of Animation
Family Suite
Requested Lion King 2nd floor, recommended TP rooms
Via TP 30 day fax
Got Cars 2nd floor
Far away but fun theming.

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Pop Century - Standard Room 2 Queens - 04/26/21-04/30/21

I requested 1st floor 50s building because my toddler is afraid of elevators via TP only. I left my requests on the app blank.

We arrived at the resort at 9am and went to the pool when it opened at 10 am where I got the text we had been assigned 8435 - so 4th floor of the 90s building. No even close to what I wanted.

I called the number and requested a first floor room, I figured it didn’t hurt to ask as it was very early in the day. It took a few different calls but they switched us to 3118 - first floor with a view of the Skyliner and the lake through the landscaping by 1130 am.

It was the perfect room for us, easy to get in an out of with a stroller and close to everything. It was however, super loud with a connecting room with a family that was night owls compared to our morning larks.


AKV value, Jambo house. Requested even numbered room as I think there are only 10 2 bedrooms total in this category-got 5114/5116 (these are lock offs)-fabulous value for the points! An ostrich just laid an egg on front of our room.


How did you manage to get a value room? I assume you are owners at AKV? Did you have to walk your reservation?

I guess I’ll post our last results. We were staying two nights in a savanna view studio at Kidani. We requested room 7608 and I think that’s the room we got! (Or very close to it.)

This was on the same level as the lobby and as close as we could get to the lobby (less walking). We were super happy with it.


We do own at AKV but booked this room just a few months ago. Had a one bedroom at SSR booked and waitlisted this one-super stoked it came through as there are five of us on this trip.