Please help with MK TP during EEMH in September

I’m so sorry for all of the questions but you all have been SO helpful and I’m so stuck in my planning. I’ve been to Disney several times but never with children, and we are taking our kids (6, 9, 14) for the first time in September. I’m having the hardest time deciding on a plan for breaking up our MK days because I’m not thrilled with the TP as I feel like they are too spread out and I really want to minimize back-tracking because of the heat.

We will be going to MK on Monday (Labor Day) and the park closes early for MNSSHP which we are not attending. Our second day will be on Thursday, and we will be eating at BOG and staying for fireworks so a midday break is going to be necessary. I’m not sure if we will need a break on Monday or not. We are staying at WL and eating at Artist’s Point Monday night. I am also not sure if we will be able to even make EEMH with a teenager, but we should be able to arrive between 8-9am. If we do choose to attend an EEMH, which day would you choose or would you do it both days? (We will be doing EEMH at HS on Saturday the 7th)

I was planning on doing Fantasyland and Tomorrowland on Monday (with FPP at 7DMT, PP, and Space) and Frontierland, Adventureland and Liberty Square on Thursday. (FPP at BTMR, Splash, and the rest TBD) However, my kids are most excited about Splash and Pirates, so I’m wondering if maybe I should do SDMT, PP, and Frontierland on Monday instead and the rest of Fantasyland, Adventureland, Liberty Square and Tomorrowland on Thursday. That seems like more walking though. If we can take advantage of EEMH I figure we could do part of Fantasyland and Tomorrowland before opening, too. We will have more time on Thursday, so that’s making this difficult too! I want to be able to enjoy our time and not be rushing and running around. For example, if my kids want to linger in the Pirates gift shop I want to let them.

Basically, how would you break up the parks those two days??

Thank you in advance for any advice that you may have!!!

I’m going in mid-August and I have it broken down like yours, but flipped. First day (Wednesday) we’re doing Adventureland, Frontierland and Liberty Sq. Second day (Sunday) we’re doing Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. I did this so 1) I would have better chances of 7DMT FPP later on in my week and 2) my DBF (whose never been) is most excited about POC, SplM, and BTTMR. This way we can just focus on smaller areas and no crisscrossing. Our first day has evening EMH, we’re RD, take a mid day break and then stay till close. Our second day has no EMH, we’re RD and possibly leaving mid afternoon.

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Thanks! That was my original plan but then we got SDMT on Monday. However, I could still do just SDMT and then Adventureland, Frontierland and Liberty Square that day. Do you think those 3 will take longer than Fantasyland and Tomorrowland? Since our longer day is on Thursday I wonder if it would make more sense to stick with what we have?

I actually have my TPs for both days ending at close to the same time. With everything we want to do (plus breaks and a lunch), both plans have us finishing between 2:30 and 3:00

My kids are a little (lot) younger so we are skipping Space Mountain, but otherwise have two MK days during party season. My TPs are below if they help you at all! We are doing the Fantasyland/Frontierland/Adventureland on the first day and then a late start on the night with HEA to catch other stuff and hitting most of Tomorrowland with fastpasses.

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Thanks! It’s not letting me view them for some reason.

Are you doing EEMH?

You could absolutely just shoot over and ride 7DMT when your FPP time is. Here are my TP’s as well, if they’ll help!

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It’s not too much walking to 7DMT?

I guess the other thing I’m wondering is which will take longer…Adventureland/Frontierland/Liberty Square or Fantasyland/Tomorrowland?

Ok sorry, I used the wrong link! I updated them.

We are leaving the EEMH as flexible! I think we will be able to be there during the 7-8am timeframe, but not prior so I’m hoping to ride one or two things in Fantasyland before heading over to Frontierland for actual opening.

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I think Fantasy/Tomorrow will probably take longer just because there are a lot of actual rides in Fantasyland.

I also think that once you get to mid-day, you’ll probably be doing at least some Fantasyland rides as extra FPs each day.

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Thank you!!! And thank you all so much for sharing your TP’s! They are so helpful!

How do some of you have 4 FPP? Are you doing rider swap or just plan on adding a 4th FPP?

My 4th FPP is me banking on getting a SDFPP. I’m an eternal optimist lol

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I was able to get one for 3 of the 5 of us so I’m hoping I get one for the other 2!

Originally my youngest said he didn’t want to ride it, but of course now that it’s booked he changed his mind. :frowning: I feel awful.

There’s a post on here about same day drops and what time they occur. If you’re on MDE ready to go, you may be able to snag FPP for 7DMT. I think I have it bookmarked, I’ll check.

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Here it is!

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Thank you! So they are random? That’s makes it trickier for sure!

Yes MK drops are random. Just keep checking!

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I GOT 7DMT for my youngest and I!!! I am so excited! I was randomly checking and the SAME time slot was open!

Yay!!! So happy for you! :blush:

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