Please help me with my HS morning

I am driving myself crazy over this HS morning! We are on a short trip early Dec. We plan on HS for just a half day and kid’s main goal is TSL and Frozen sing a long. We were in the world last year so this time are not approaching with a need to do it all attitude. We are hoping to take some time to enjoy and take it all in more.
My question is regarding how people who have been recently are feeling about TSL? The morning we are going is an EMM morning. At first I thought no way for the price for five of us but now am wondering if we should just do it. I keep hearing reports of longer lines now that the super early EMH of this summer are over. Also my fam will not be into being ensnared in a huge crowd moving into TSL at RD.

On the other hand when I look at photos, I’m not feeling blown away by TSL. Are others feeling this or is It more amazing in person? Will we want all of that time riding the 3 rides there? I think that just the ability to ride with no wait would be pretty awesome even if the land isn’t my absolute favorite. But we also will have to get up really early!

If we actually snag SDD FP then I guess we would be ok RD AS2 and TSM? Or if we do EMM should we book FP for TOT, RnRC, ST vs booking FP at AK where we are hopping to for afternoon? We will be going back to AK another day for FP (hopefully FOP FP!). Other than TSL and RnRC, TOT, ST, Frozen show, we may do a few character greets then head to AK (we have TH ROL package at 2:30- I will see if I can get it pushed later but we can Uber to help with time)

Sorry for the rambling here. I am all over the place on this one. I keep thinking I have it figured out and decided and then I go the other way. Any thoughts are appreciated!

If you want to be in the front of the SDD line and not wait a long time, you are going to need to get to the park very early and be in the rope drop crowd. I just got back and I wouldn’t call the parks crowded and arrived right at 8:55 and had a 75 minute wait for SDD. it was worth it in my opinion - great new ride. If you have any hope of getting a FP for SDD, it would be on a later day of your stay. I was there for 8 nights and did my FP reservations right at 60 days but there were no more FP available for the day I wanted to go to HS.

It is easier to get the FP for Toy Story Mania or Alien Swirling Saucers.

The land is fun and I think young kids will love it. I had FP for ToT and RnRC and TSM. Skipped the swirling saucers. We were done in the park with eating lunch and doing Star Tours and the 75 minute wait by 2:00 and left. I would try to use the FP for HS and then take my chances at Animal Kingdom later as it may thin out towards end of day.

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Thank you so much for the feedback! It was exactly the info I was looking for. I’m not sure if we will get FP for SDD and if we don’t then the EMM may be worth it on such a short trip.
I’m going to FPP HS instead of AK like you suggested. I think it makes the most sense to open up the rest of our day. That way we aren’t feeling the need to stay on tight schedule and can go with the flow a bit more.
Glad to hear your positive take on TSL. I think we will enjoy it while we are there. It looks like it would be neater at night but we won’t have the chance to be there then.

If you go to EMM then I would try for FOP fast passes and if unable then I would try for ST, TOT and RnRC.

Yay! Thanks for the hard data on wait times right at Rope Drop. Agree with @kjsprouse that I’ve been searching and searching for something like this.

I still think we’re going to RD SDD, but it’s extra motivation to get into the park by 8:15 or earlier. I have the same “getting trampled” fears, but we’ll just try to brave the crowds.

Last, for advice. I’m with @joefishing209. If you EMM, get AK fastpasses, since waits at RnR and ToT will be very minimal right away in the morning. My personalized touring plan attempts show them both at around 5 minute waits for a good half-hour. I guess no one goes that direction anymore at RD.