Please critique my EPCOT, 2 adult, Crowd Level 1 Plan

EDIT Nov-16-2019 6:15pm: This turned out to be a very long topic. I learned SO much. But for those that like to read the end of a book first, here is the post that presents all I have learned and shows the ‘close to final’ plan that we will use next Wednesday…

Thank-you @ryan1 @JDAdams @darkmite2 @Aahughes @davej

My husband and I might be considered middle age. I have been to EP before (long ago) but my husband has not.

Is this plan doable?

I know there is a lot in it, but with 20 minute pavilion times, plus act/show times at each pavilion, I am hoping to take our rest times out of that 20 minute pavilion time as needed and also in the current 1 hour Shopping time at the Plan end…

I see the Plan as just 25 times throughout the day to look at our watch and then adjust walking speed or Stay times as needed…

Our only real time schedule to meet should be for the FPP windows.





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Absolutely doable. Looks like a fun day!

Test Track may throw the plans off a bit, if it isn’t operating normally, but that shouldn’t be too big of a wrench.


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FYI, if you “Edit” your plan, there is an option checkbox to “Publish” the plan. Once you do this, there will be a link to your plan near the top of the page. You can then post that link here for us to look at your plan and see it as you modify it, rather than having to take screenshots. (Hint: If the URL of the link has the word “print” in it, you are posting the correct link here!) We can only view, but not modify, using that link.

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Yes test track is a potential throwout for us any way.

My husband is not interested much in waiting 33 minutes for a 4 minute ride :wink:

It isn’t just 4 minutes. There are some “pre-ride” activities, such as designing your car, that is part of the waiting time. That can be a bit fun in and of itself.


So, do you think it would be worth missing our 1st tier 2 FPP at Space ORANGE if things are delayed a bit?

EDIT: @ryan1, I am VERY honoured that you gave this post the first ‘like’ which you have ever given to ANY post :sunglasses:

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Yes! Mission Space is IMHO a pretty awful ride. You basically just sit in a centrifuge hitting buttons that don’t actually do anything. I’d skip this over Test Track any day.

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Weird. Because I didn’t.

No offense. But I just avoid the whole “like” thing. I’m not sure how that happened.

I wouldn’t call it awful. I still think it is fun. But I still agree with what you said. The buttons are pointless. If that’s all it takes to be a pilot, etc., well…not much training needed to be an astronaut I guess! :slight_smile:


OK, darn…

I use them for 3 reasons:

  1. When I learn something…(happens a lot;) )
  2. As a sign that I have read post without need for a follow on post.
  3. I agree with and actually like the response…

That’s exactly why I don’t use them…because the “like”, to me, is too ambiguous as a meaningful means of communication. You have 3 separate meanings for that single action.

Still, I’m bothered how it shows I liked something. I have, by accident at times, clicked on a like…but I immediately notice and undo it. I’m not sure how I could have done so here. :confused:

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Overall, I think our plan is a bit ambitious. It’s not impossible, but you will be on your feet and marching a few miles. It looks like you are trying too hard to “do it all” in one visit.

It looks like you want to make World Showcase the priority of your day. If this is the case, I’d consider what items in Future World you can drop. (Do you really want to watch the Pixar Festival? You can watch these films anytime online. You may want to see the aquarium, but do you want to watch Turtle Talk?)

I see you grab a bite to eat at 11:30am, for only 5 minutes, but after that I don’t see any time to sit/pee/grab a drink. I also noticed that your Shopping break is starting about 10 minutes later than you want.

Again… not impossible, but it’s a really full schedule that is nonstop.

All kidding aside, a valid reason to use them (‘likes’), even if they are used for many reasons, is exactly the reason that I knew you had never given any ‘likes’…

I went to your ‘Summary’ page and I could quickly see how much experience and knowledge you have shared with the TP forums… Thank-you :star_struck:

I went to many of your Top Liked Posts and learned a LOT from them that I would not have learned otherwise…

Then I was able to see that you have been liked SO may times by other members, that I looked further at the members that like you so much and I was able to look at their Top Liked Posts and learned a LOT MORE…

Yikes. Now I’m feeling stalked! :wink:


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Same! Glad you are here. Ask anything & often.

I work a slow / boring desk job. So, I hang out here trying to help people as a way to give me a bit of “Magic” every day. Plus, I understand how much time/ money goes into a WDW trip and I want people to feel like they had a good time.


I have looked at many other plans and not found many with walk time less than 2 hours, so why are you implying that I will be walking so much?

I am not actually trying to make World Showcase the priority, we are pretty quick viewing type of people that don’t usually linger. Even with that statement, we have doubled the Defaults 10 minute ‘Spend’ time that TP gives you when you add a pavilion.

Since there will be 30 extra food carts around the lagoon this month, we plan to nibble all day and not have lunch and dinner, sort of continuous all day tapas :wink:

Stalked :astonished: … sorry, but I know normal people don’t do that much digging.

My excuse is that I am an Administrator on another active forum that uses this software and I know the guts of this user interface…

We all have a ride we dislike. (I probably have one in each park)

In Epcot this is mine. I had a long wait between the time MS opened & when I go to first ride it. I had heard all these stories about how intense & thrilling it was. It just never lived up to the hype for me. I’d rather ride one of those carnival “Gravatron” attractions than MS.

Fair enough. Although, there’s also the Figment ride… Just sayin’.


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LOL, I hear you on Figment…

AND, I have scheduled ALL the FW rides, just in case we want to try them as we pass near them…

BUT, I am fully expecting to drop things like Figment and Pixar and Nemo… But you never know what will happen as the day progresses, we may stay to the schedule :wink:

We are Tampa Aquarium annual pass holders, so we will not likely linger at the sea tank…

AND as a result of all this friendly banter, we will likely stay in line at TT even if it means missing our FPP of Space ORANGE, missing it and still doing MS GREEN :wink: