Please add a list of who is logged on in each category so we can see the lurkers

Many message boards show you who is logged in in case you want to private message people. I’d like to know who is watching the LaCava area, personally. I am really starting to think that he original plan of who gets access should be put back in place. Or a post count requirement for access. Something.

the back and forth spying is so junior high school and I want it to stop.

So, can you make it so we can see who is reading and watching?

You know where I am. I’m all over the place. La Cava. Forums. Lines, however, why bother? It’s not like some are going to come out and say they lurk, but have never posted ( I can PM you if you don’t know who I’m talking about). I would’t worry too much about it. We had ONE complainer today. One out of thousands. I bet she’s sleeping well.

I think we should do it just so we can screen shot it and store it for the future. If people are so interested in reading everything we say then they should at least say they are there with us. its rude otherwise. Why come to LaCAva so often to read what the people who post there are up to anyways? Chat is the only thing that matters, right?

I would just like to see a graph of people who visit lacava and lurk now and again after the names are made public.

I’m sorry to be blunt, but your suggestions sound a bit too Big Brother or police state to me. That’s not how the Internet works. Anything we say in La Cava is open to all. Same with Chat. I assume people I don’t know are reading my posts, including people who think I’m awesome and people who do NOT think I am awesome. Privacy is built into the system for the readers, not the posters. That’s just how it works. If I don’t want people reading my words, then I take it to Private Messages or don’t say it at all.

(This is just my opinion, of course. You can have a different opinion. MWAH! Please don’t think I’m trying to argue or mad or anything.)

OK,I’ll put it right out there. I don’t care who reads my stuff either. For example: There was catiness today. @PirateGirl007 and @IreneK lurk here all the time. All you have to do is search their profile and it tells you how long ago they were on. Seems to me that whenever something pisses them off on chat, they bounce over here, however, they ARE free to do that. It’s an open chat/forum. I’ve always been pretty open to the fact that I have differing opinions and values than they do, and I also take nothing personally. I have my way of enjoying Disney. They have theirs. Do they annoy me and piss me off? Yup. And I do them. I don’t understand the point of “who stands where”. Regardless of what the hell we do or don’t do, who we think is a princess and who is a bitch, who jumps in fountains and who follows all the rules. We are here (not counting LaCava) to help others. Do I get out of hand and have fun on lines?.. Hell yeah! But it’s not worth my membership or the friendship I have with the people who run this site and the people with whom I’m friends with here to bicker about something trivial.
I’m sorry, @alitig1. I’m not taking sides at all, but my thinking is ‘why bother’? If you don’t want to share your opinion or be open to telling someone how you feel; don’t post on a public forum.

And NOW you can all pick on me…

I completely agree! I do not care if they read everything I say. I do not care if they comment on it anywhere. I think we should just be clear that many of us are in both places and we have the right to be in both. We too have insights and experiences that can help people and we are usually very nice ( as well as a lot of fun).

Thank you all for participating. I just wanted to see if anyone who lurks and frowns would pop in here to make a statement.

I’m practicing the art of discussion and using strong starters to get people’s opinions out and minds working for one of my classes.

Whew! I’m glad you WANTED strong opinions! I was afraid you were going to think I was being argumentative. Arguing about things was severely frowned upon in my family when I was a child, so I have a hard time with spirited debate. I’m getting better, especially if everyone stays civil while disagreeing, but it really stresses me out.

Hmm… curiosity piqued about the catiness.

I have to say that I agree with @SallyEppcot that I don’t post anything on here that I care about strangers reading, whether they like me, dislike me, or (much more likely) are indifferent. I do, however, find it very odd that anyone would spend time and energy “lurking” on chats like La Cava. Both the “clean chat” and, um, not-so-clean chat are conversations that are really only interesting if you are involved in them. Maybe I am just envious of people who have enough free time for something like that.

From time to time I wander over to the “clean” and “not so clean” chat in La Cava.

I often don’t have anything to say so I don’t comment, the reasons vary but predominately it more an issue of feeling like I’m intruding on a conversation already in progress. No one in the group has ever made me feel that way - it’s my issue

…I digress

Anyway, I hope that lurking doesn’t label me as a spy or immature high school-er :frowning:

Not at all! I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating, I would hate for any Lurker to feel unwelcome. It took me a long time to jump into the conversation and I’m so glad I did. I kind of think we need to be more welcoming, and that’s why I do the question on the clean thread every morning. Everyone is welcome to read or post as they feel comfortable, in my opinion.

Thanks!! @SallyEppcot :heartbeat: No one has every made me feel unwelcome - I think it’s more my issue… but I will try to be brave and jump into the “fray” :smiley:

:heart:ing that!

:sparkling_heart: that deserves a heart :smile:

@SallyEppcot and @atomic Aw! Thanks ladies :slight_smile:

:heart: Oh yes, please join in! I probably post on the clean thread more cos it’s easier to keep up with, but everyone on both threads is really friendly and welcoming.


please do! more often than not, it’s a fluid conversation anyway. So just jump in and go!! So many times, I’ve had to just ignore all the earlier posts and just go from where I showed up.

Look forward to seeing you around @EthicalAddict!!


I’m a lot like @EthicalAddict. I do post frequently on the clean open thread, but don’t generally post on the not so clean one. Not that I don’t want to, or don’t feel welcome, it just moves so dang fast and by the time I read it in the morning (I live in Pacific time zone), it has been going on for hours and I am already way behind. So it is hard to just jump in to the existing conversation. But when I can, I enjoy reading the shenanigans. I still read chat some, but it is not nearly as interesting as it used to be (since the forums started). I have a trip planned, but I have been enough times that I don’t need the park touring info anymore. And there is a lot of repetition there day after day. I don’t care if anyone knows I am lurking, but agree with @SallyEppcot that it would be a little too Big Brother for my liking. We all know the 2 chatters in question lurk and use the info over in chat (that was made very apparent by yesterday’s thread from Niter about being added to MDE and someone asking if they were going to BBW). They are free to do that, and honestly without the antics of those two the unforum would be even less interesting. Guess I need shenanigans and uproar to keep it interesting for me. I can only read “Can someone bump the BOG FPP site?” so many times!