Playing Pokemon Go in WDW

My Family will be in Disney 7/17-7/24. We are excited to play pogo in Disney again! We’re from Illinois and hoping to find trainers playing from around the country and even from around the world. Are there any trainers going to be at Disney 7/17-24? Where are you traveling from?

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We will be there and overlap with you until the 22nd. We’re looking forward to it as well - we did Disneyland last year and it was amazing. Tons of spoofers for raids, but that can be good if you just miss the live raid group by a touch. Presume WDW will be similar with PoGo this year. We’re from NE OH so no help on exotic trades unfortunately…

Hi! I’m pretty unfamilar with the forum side of TP. So thank you for your patience. I was happy to see your direct message in my email that sent me here. I’m usually on the chat side. We are staying at POR this year. Last year we joined some locals raiding. It was when Lugia and Articuno were released really fun time. Trainers were all over. Hoping it’s the same this year. Most were local. This year we’ll be at Go Fest Chicago as we thankfully missed it last year due to trip. It would be amazing to connect with international Liners who play and do have a regionals to trade. The stardust will be steep though. We have pretty full pokedex but would love the regionals not available to us.

Regionals are only 20K dust to trade with new friends - not ridiculous. I’d guess you’ll be able to connect on a lot of them at Go Fest - I know the locals from here going are planning on that. Sounds like Tropius and Relicanth are the really high demand hard to find ones since they are so ridiculously localized. Try to trade for them first if you can. We’d have been tempted for Go Fest, but our DIS reservations start that weekend, so we’ll settle for raiding at WDW.

We’re staying at Beach Club this year - we were already studying the map of gyms/stops near BC/YC to see if our room is likely to be in range of a stop - looks somewhat optimistic if we get a room near where we want anyway…

We were in DL for Zapdos and Lugia - was really nice raiding in the park although gyms outside the park were spotty to get enough people particularly for Lugia.

Good morning! I stated a thread about pogo in chat yesterday. There are several people who play pogo from chat. There are a couple tips on the thread, if you have time check it out! Even some friend codes posted. Here is my friend code if you would like it 7254 6754 9330 , if your pogo name is different than chat please let me know. I have to make a note of my Disney people now so not to get confused with my daily players. Lol. Thank you and hope you have a fantastic trip. Maybe we will run into you!

Finally found the thread - thanks - good read. I sent you an invite - my player name is basically the same with a number added. Maybe we’ll be able to raid together in WDW…

Hi! Hope you hatched some good Pokémon from my gifts. Getting out of state eggs is great!! Our friendship is progressing. I do hope we will find each other in Disney and can do a raid together! Your trip is getting closer! Take care Suzanne aka suzydazzle

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Here’s my friend number if you want a TP poké friend! 8336 4374 4252 (my username is hmbhmb18 — not too far off from what it is here…)

Yes - thanks. Those out of state eggs are nice to trade for the easy 100KM candy bonus after hatch. We’re down to 8 days on our counter so we’ll be in WDW before we know it. My son should hit level 40 while down there so he’s excited for the extra XP to put him over the top…

Have fun at Go Fest…

I am not going to be in WDW any time soon, but we are headed to DLR in about a week. If anyone would like to friend me my trainer code is

7380 7744 8448

Trainer Name is same as on here.

I sent you a friend request. Pogo name the same as here. I’ll send you gifts from my home town in IL.

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Thank you! I sent you a gift from CA!

@suzydazzle - it appears Zapdos day will Saturday the 21st - presume that will be 2-5 again like Articuno was. I’m not sure what will make sense raid wise for that at WDW but it may make sense to roll with a small group and hit a bunch. It also may just mean we can walk up to any gym & pull a group - not sure.

That may be an opportune time to try to connect for a raiding party if you’re available though…Just a thought.

Articuno day was a fun event! We were very successful for Articuno day in my town. We competed 24 raids in the three hours. That was a crazy day and don’t plain on doing that again any time soon. I caught three shiny. I think I caught maybe 17 of them but I transferred many. Glad you are able to play too. My 14yo son just told me it was confirmed Zapdos on the 21st. My family of three all play. My DS is instinct level 39, DH is instinct level 38 and I’m Mystic level 40. Niantic lowered Articuno to a compared Level 4 raid boss. Maybe we will see that again for Zapdos. How many in your family play Pokémon go? I think finding each other to raid Zapdos could be fun! I just have to decided parks or play pogo. I planned Friday as beach WP day and have HS FPP on Saturday. (Actually have HS FPP Fri, Sa &Su for flexibility) Weather plays a factor on our HS/Beach/waterpark day. Same week last year we were at Disney when Articuno and Lugia came into the game. We found locals at DS playing and ran around DS playing, a gas, a couple resorts AoA,CBR and TTC. I also have the Orlando Discord. I see only a few comments on there but I probably will post to gather people is I have to. I’ll be in touch about our Saturday plans and feel free to message me about your plans. Tbc Suz

So as I think about this… to make it work we would want the biggest cluster of gyms nearest each other. We get 5 free raid passes so we’d like to use those at the least. We arrive on Tues afternoon. I think we keep scouting for the biggest cluster of gyms to be the most efficient.

We have 2 that play - my son & I - both Mystic and both Level 40 now - my son just leveled up at the end of community day on Sunday. We have a 3rd account we use to supplement in raids as needed we could break out if short, but it’s only L27 and it’s easier not to use.

We hit 23 for Articuno day but both got shut out on shinies. Probably should have had 24 but had a couple glitches on the last raid we hit which cost us 1 last chance - which was more annoying wondering if that might have been the one.

We arrive Saturday and should get a better feel for how the raids will go as the week goes on. We were at DisneyLand last year when the birds were out and nearly all the level 5’s in the park got done, but it was spotty outside. A lot of the L4’s didn’t though but we’re much higher level now.

If you decide you want to do a bunch of Zapdos let us know - I think we’re interested in trying to get a bunch to get some shiny luck after missing shiny Articuno - my son was enthusiastic about committing the full 3 hours to pursing Zappy it seems…

Hi! We are in HS. Eating at woody’s lunch box.

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At TSMM right now. Heading we have a 2:10 FPP for star tours. We are going to attempt to do 6 gyms In HS. Hope there will be people here to help us.

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For reference if anyone else finds themselves in the park on a day like “Zapdos day” - we hit 13 gyms around Epcot in about half the time of the event or a little less. We were meeting family at Epcot that day so when the event started at 2 we only did 3 raids in the first 1.5 hours. After we parted ways with our family we made a concerted effort and hit around 10 more raids in a little over an hour doing the Yacht Club & lighthouse gym and then working our way around World Showcase.

Most gyms we had large groups and it was easy and we hooked up with a Dallas family for 4 or 5 before they had to bail. We had enough with our 3 accounts to “trio” Zapdos as well in a pinch…


Glad I found this thread. Good info - and I’ll share my friend code here as well. I may reach out to friend some of you I’m not friends with yet (Suzy - no soup for you - ha!). Looks like the Cerebi quest requires a task to make 3 new friends so maybe this thread can be used to help everybody meet that goal. My code is 7770-4862-5488 (trainer name is DirkChipmonk).

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