Planning Galactic Starcruiser TP with WDW and UOR

With the TP Galactic Starcruiser dates becoming more real (March 30-April 1, 2023) I’ve started think what else should this trip entail.

Our trip last June was epic but very HOT and AK was hotter than hot on hot toast so we didn’t feel we got as much from it as we would at a different time of year. While I would have preferred more a Feb or early March time we will deal with Mar/April.Also, many things have opened or reopened since our visit.

The general idea is stay a few days, Galactic Starcruiser, stay a few days at WDW and then end with UOR. All with various rest days etc. We again would be renting 2 ECVs for the duration. Of course, how Disney will transfer them to and from GSC will remain to be seen. Hopefully, in the next year this issue will be addressed by others.

My initial thought is stay at AKL for about 4 nights before GSC. You all have raved about it so much and the photos have been awesome! I have even considered renting DVC points. We will want a savannah view and an accessible room (for the the no tub and a shower chair). I’m strongly thinking Jamba House due to it’s location to Mara and it’s being more compact than the other. I think it was @OBNurseNH that mentioned how spread out the other building is. Then I started looking at the differences between the DVC rooms and regular AKL rooms and for the 2 of us I think we would be better served with the regular rooms. We don’t need a kitchenette or more room and the price seems like it will be about the same for either so unless a deal happens closer to the date I don’t see a big savings with DVC. Also, the regular rooms have more accessible rooms. Obviously, we would focus on AK for a couple of the days and then rest up for a day before the GSC.

After the GSC we would stay 4 or 5 days somewhere else on property. This I have less of a focus and would love suggestions. Again, willing to rent DVC points or deluxe or moderate. I’ll share what thoughts I have later because this is long. Then we would probably stay 4 nights at HRH at UOR so we can do all the non HP stuff we missed the first time because crazy crowds (CL 10s) !

Hope this made sense as to what we are trying to do. You all are so wonderful.


Sounds like it’s going to be fun!

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Was not me - I’m only just about to stay at Kidani for the first time. I’ve stayed in Jambo several times.

Sounds like a great trip coming together!

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Animal Kingdom is my favorite hotel yet. Really take some time to enjoy it. Plan late mornings and early afternoons back in the room to just sit on the balcony and watch the animals with a snack or a drink. It’s magical


That’s definitely the plan especially on the pre cruise rest day!! Also, spending 2 days at just AK is our goal though will probably get hoppers just to be safe. SO many of you all love AKL and the one ride DH has mentioned over and over as being a favorite is KS so he’s definitely on board with the animal watching. It seemed a good fit for charging up to be people-y for the cruise.


That’s what I get for trying to remember something lol. I guess my brain just popped you in as expert for all things AK lol! And thanks!!


In my defense, I may have been searching reading posts at oh 2 am because my brain wouldn’t shut off about AKL. I do remember that you gave some nice specifics on which rooms to ask for.

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I may have directed you to @Julianne_fki

I don’t mind being mistaken for an expert though!


So for our stay between GSC and UOR I have several options to think about/ consider. We will have already done AK so only need to focus on the other 3 parks.

A) MK hotel: I’ve always wanted to stay at the Contemporary and would have if refurbs hadn’t messed that up. So we were at GF instead. Choices DVC or reg room. Same at Poly which has the same issue DVC or reg room. Don’t want to break thee bank too much if possible. Haven’t compared $$ yet.

B) Epcot hotels: YC was wonderful and we LOVED the convenience but $$. BC is a bit too lively with kids. BW would need to rent DVC points but so many here just love it! Not interested in Dolphin or Swan.

C) POFQ wasn’t available last year but is where we stayed on our honeymoon 26 years ago. However, with EVCs not as convenient to HS and EP. But very good for DS.

D) someplace else I haven’t considered yet?

I’m willing to book a res so we have a place to stay and then keep an eye on DVC possibilities (the guaranteed ones I’m blanking on the term right now). I would appreciate suggestions or things to consider given our circumstances for any or all of the above. The only places I don’t see us staying at are the value and the more remote resorts just for comfort and access. Please share your thoughts. Thanks.

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I personally love the Poly and would probably always stay there if I could afford it. I’ve only stayed in DVC rooms which are massive and pretty equidistant to the GCH and TTC for transportation to MK and Epcot. They only issue I could see there is that ecvs don’t really fit in the elevators so you would need to stay on the ground floor or be comfortable leaving your scooter on the 1st floor charging overnight.


Thanks. That’s an important consideration. Though we did manage our ECVs in an elevator when we had breakfast there.

I think for MK it depends. I personally love Wilderness Lodge more than Contemporary but I’m not sure about boats abd ECV. I’ve never stayed at Poly or GF but I would jump on either opportunity.

My 2nd fave resort is the boardwalk. I love the Boardwalk itself. It’s very romantic and the vibe is much more Disney to me than the YC/BC. The only thing better over there is the pool imho.

Port Orleans is on my bucket list.


The longhouse elevators are smaller than the GCH ones. They don’t even fit luggage carts from bell services.

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WL boats do accommodate ecvs, but the ones between GF/Poly/MK are sometimes the little pirate looking ones that do not. I loooove WL just as much as Poly. YC is a close 2nd.

Yeah I remember it was tight and we had to go one at a time lol

They are!! Wicked tiny!!


Right now I’m really feeling pulled to Contemporary or BW I think. As much as we loved POFQ the travel time to everywhere except DS feels like an important issue. We will have done Downtown Disney in DL in October so not really needing DS.

The convenience at YC was a game changer so BW is tempting if we can afford it. 11 months is in mid April so I can start looking at actual numbers then.

Is the Epcot monorail running now? It wasn’t last year. That would make The Contemporary more attractive. I should also look at what dining is available. We aren’t foodies like many of you all, but we do like good food. Plus, again, not everything was open last year.

Yes the monorail is back. Contemporary has Cali Grill which is really good. People seem to like Flying Fish for fancy at Boardwalk. The appeal of BW is also the Swan, Dolphin, Yc/BC restaurants in addition to skyliner to RR and Topolinos which I like better than Cali Grill. At Contemporary you can monorail to the GF and Poly too of course. So you’ll have to compare all of those restaurants.


OR we could get a club level room in CSR in the tower for the same price or lower of most of the other options!! I don’t remember who but there has been a thread about how awesome CSR is and centrally located. Hmmmmmmmm. Or just get a non club room and save a few $$$.

It was @mousematt who had all the great pics of CSR!


I also need to keep in mind accessible rooms. BW doesn’t have the best selection of them unfortunately.

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