“Plan Complete” t-shirt

A mock-up. It came out pretty solid.

Ok, open to feedback.

EDIT: Interesting, the mockups seem to be a tad dynamic and don’t keep. I can’t see them anymore.


I love it!


I am wondering what it would look like if the badge was in a larger box? Does that make sense?

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I really like this shirt!

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Mmmm no? Larger box? You mean on the shirt itself? Or less like a banner?

I’d buy it…and I don’t even plan!!

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I think because of the way it could look on a woman, the badge should be “framed” in a larger box. Others might feel different.

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What’cha think?

I didn’t make any changes.

Do you mean for the badge itself to be more square?

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Ignore me- it looks great.

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Are you sure? I can definitely make changes, I just didn’t yet cause I’m not 100% on what ya mean yet.

Ok… let me venture down a road… on a busty woman where will the badge hit? I’m being serious b/c we want to be able to read it and if it’s too high will it be able to be read easily? Does that make sense. GREAT mock up BTW!


Dunno, honestly. I put the badge up as high as it would go on the template (I like when the graphic starts about 3” from the collarbone.)

But I’m kinda stuck with the models on zazzle’s site (seriously, I’m really impressed with their little design tool. There’s even a video of the models wearing the mockup.)

What would a good solution be to get around it? We could easily make a few versions of various placements.


That model is, er, distracting.

I. Love. This.

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I was comparing the male, female mock up and the woman’s badge is facing up more (on a shelf… not trying to be facetious) and not as visible. Could you try it lower to see how it would look? It looks good on the man but too high on the woman… or maybe it’s just me.

I really like this, but wonder if it could take up more vertical space on the tshirt. Like a square rather than a rectangle? Or have one of both!

Could TP get into licensing issues with the Mickey head?


What if the badge were on the back, and a little larger. And the Touringplans “t” were on the front breast pocket area? Is that an option?


Ya mean like that?


I know Randall said it may not be doable, but I think it’s vital do have front and back images while strolling through the parks.


Yes, I can read it clearly now :wink: But what do you think?