Pizzafari Hype?

Snagged an ADR or Pizzafari dinner. Now thinking we may not want to hop to AK. Is Pizzafari all its cracked up to be? Worth making a special trip to AK? (Obviously I will be trying to snag a same day FoP drop to make the trek to AK worth it but still wanting pros and cons on the meal.) Thanks

There is no way I would travel to Pizzafari for a meal.


Thank you that’s all I needed to hear, lol! If I don’t get a sdd for FoP i’ll modify/cancel the ADR.

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I’m a fan of . Here’s their review

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We like Pizzafari, but I wouldn’t go to AK just to go to Pizzafari. I’d go to Pizzafari because that’s a convenient place on my AK day. It’s pizza and salad. It’s good pizza and salad, but it’s not worth a special trip to the park just for that. Have it on your AK day. Also, it’s a QS restaurant that also has reservations, but they are certainly not needed.

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It’s very meh. Not great at all, not worth going out of the way over for sure


We genuinely like Pizzafari but wouldn’t go out of our way from the other side of AK to fit it in let alone make a trip to AK for it.


I want to come up with a more objective way to judge pizza subjectively. The trouble is, pizza preferences are so varied, including based on where you are from. What I love, someone hates. What someone else loves, others refuse to even call pizza, etc.

So when someone asks if a certain pizza place is good, we need to find the group of people who best represent the questioner’s tastes in pizza.


If you’re looking for a special pizza experience, try Blaze Pizza in Disney Springs. They make each pizza to order and you choose the toppings, including the cheeses and the sauces.

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Totally agree, we ate here to avoid a whole-family hanger meltdown. It saved our vacation in the sense that no one said or did anything they’d regret in the throws of starvation, but it was not good pizza, and I would not go again.

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There’s no room for individual tastes in pizza. There are right and wrong answers and sides must be taken in this fight.

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I was more responding to the objective subjective blah blah blah blah.

Do you like it? Yes? No?



No, it doesn’t work that way with pizza. You have to take sides and you have to belittle those that disagree with you. For example: Chicago style is not pizza, it is lasagna.

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Well I like 900 Degrees. Probably similar to Via Napoli in style, but a zillion times better. And only available here in the 603.

Hate to break it to you but there seems to be 6 different states with 900 degrees pizza.

The limited pictures I found look like it is acceptable pizza and worthy of the name.

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It’s not a national chain. But probably.

My favorite place closed a number of years ago sadly. Original John’s. There is another location that’s a ways away that I need to try some day. Yours seems compatible so we can be allies in the pizza wars.

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We usually get the Paisano. But tomorrow night the husband has golf, so I may get the kids a cheese pizza (good food is wasted on them) and get myself either a florentine or a granny smith.

You want good pizza tho – @BGK knows of a place that I still have dreams about. Drool.

I love pizza in almost all its varieties, and I REALLY wanted to like Pizzafari, cause it just sounded so great, but I was sorely disappointed. I like flatbread crusts but theirs was too bland. It wasn’t hot enough to stay warm through our meal and it tasted worse and worse the further from hot it was. I wouldn’t recommend it even compared to other options in AK.