Pictures and Online Reports from the CM preview re-opening of MK

From the Twitter feed
Parking lot - every other spot

Security Screening

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Still have bag check

Social Distancing enforced

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Riding the Monorail

Vinyl Partitions

No standing


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I told you that they would prop open the trash can lids

Still painting the castle

Jungle Cruise with new and improved plastic shields

Relaxation Station

Big Thunder Mountain


I just saw that they said that the bars are not wiped down after guests at Big Thunder. That makes me uneasy

I think those shields are very counter-productive at BTM. And why block off the actual open-air windows (at least that’s what it looks like to me).

I would not go on that ride. IMHO, they increased the risk by massively reducing air circulation.


But I’d go on it. I’d go on it all. :heart: :heart:


The new COVID-19 version of the Princess Meet and Greet


I heard about the no standing but wondered about how they would protect the seats that are back to back. Good info about the vinyl partitions!

Bring a pack of wipes


@len meets up with Buzz Lightyear


@len is updating the Touring plans twitter, he posted this about the subject

To add additional info from CMs, lap bats are being wiped down every 20 minutes, and pretty much everywhere before and after you experience an attraction, you’re being asked to use hand sanitizer.

I think he meant Lap bars, not bats.

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Plexiglass Mountain, oops I meant Space Mountain

The plexiglass has me gasping for air more than any mask could. It feels claustrophobic just looking at it.

Not complaining, not questioning, I know it has to be done. But I’m also a weirdo and worry that there won’t be enough air for all of us and I just know it will be me who will get shortchanged. I’ll give these a try, but I’m betting it will trigger me.


I think I have seen two neck gaiters in pictures. I hope the trend continues.

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Stretching Room is now a pass through



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Oh, yeah, I think that would put me into a panic! :grimacing:

Personally, I think wiping down the bars is a complete waste of time. With everyone being made to use hand sanitizer, plus having hand sanitizer after you get off, there serves little point to waiting down the bars themselves unless you plan to hold onto it and then rub your (masked) face immediately before putting on sanitizer.


Interesting. It never occurred to me to do that to the lines! Duh! Brilliant.

Although, I do agree that it feels very claustrophobic.

On the other hand, we seem to be okay when we have to walk long narrow hallways that are single-wide, so I guess it is really no different other than we can actually see what is on the other side of the wall.