Picking the right Universal AP

I did a forum search and I searched by “latest” but I cannot find any thread focused on the different levels of annual passes. This is the page I opened the other day:

In the past I have had the preferred pass and I loved it. I was even able to go to a special free HHN event at the Horror Makeup Show. Creative leads from the scare zones and the houses talked about the process and timelines for the event, answer questions, and then walked us into a house before opening. I could easily get another preferred pass and might even consider the monthly plan again.

For the first time I am considering a seasonal or power pass. The dates work for my next two trips. For those of you that have these passes, do you feel like you are “missing” something? I am not a “merch” person and I think I will stay on property.



I bought Seasonal Passes and one Power pass for our upcoming trip. At the time, the passes were $100 cheaper than they are now, so going more than 5 days made it worth it, since none of the blackout dates apply. The one Power pass I got to potentially save money on parking…but since we ultimately decided to stay on property, that ended up being a waste of money to upgrade.

I couldn’t figure out how to make the higher tiers worth it for us. We don’t buy enough merch, etc.

We have a Premier Pass and use the hell out of our FREE valet parking. Valet pk’g is the BEST perk of that AP, but EP after 4, one HHNight, and more are not bad either.


I really want that one since we are committed to HHN as a family tradition but those lower-level ones are so tempting.


adding: it was just over $500 when we bought it and was a deal of 15 months for the price of 12.


at renewal, we will probably only get one Premier Pass and Military Freedom passes for the rest of the family. We only need one person to get the FREE valet parking.


If you go with the seasonal pass, make sure you are okay being blocked out of USF for concert dates.


That would impact President’s week?

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I’ve only ever had a Seasonal Pass. I don’t want to go in the peak times they have blackout anyway. I’ve done the math and at most I would’ve “broke even” last year using a Preferred AP to get merch & food discounts.

I also don’t park a car as I stay on-site and use UOR buses to get around…

They don’t do the HHN event. Now you get a one night HHN ticket. It’s only good for a Tues. - Thurs. night though.

I love my Seasonal AP! I don’t think I’ll ever upgrade! It’s too much of a bargain!

Here are the concert dates for this year.

2023 Concert Dates:
February 4, February 10, February 11, February 18, February 19, February 25, March 4, March 5

I did have my AP blocked out, at USF only - not IOA, my very night of my final trip. (Feb 4) It wasn’t a big deal as I could just go ride Hagrid’s and such


I bought a premium AP 2 years ago for two of us. Last year I renewed the AP’s for about 40% off. This coming year is decision making time. Were older and don’t do the water park or roller coasters. Video rides are good but they shake the hell out of you. Love Portofino with a TA discount but they are more money in the coming year and food and City Walk and the parks is not very good. Did not need Premium Three park AP but TA got them for us. On renewal we could not go to a two park pass without having to get new AP’s not renewal. Doing this would have cost me more than if I just renewed the three park pass. Universal AP’s are cheap compared to WDW but for us, the rides are better and we get table service restaurants that are much better at WDW.


Strong Disagree! Like any place, including WDW, there are “meh” QS & TS. I won’t ever touch a burger from Burger Digs. However, I’ll rush to get one at Wimpy’s or Raptor Wings at Thunder Falls.

The same can be said at WDW… I hate Cosmic Ray’s, Pecos Bill’s and Casey’s Corner at MK (to name a few), but will always eat at Liberty Tree or Gaston’s Tavern…

Neither park is better IMHO, you just have to know where to go and where to avoid…

I will agree that the rides at UOR are more “extreme”. There are a few I don’t ride anymore even though I consider myself a ride lover. However, there are a few at WDW that IMHO are so dull I’ll never go on again… (PeopleMover, Carousel of Progress, Small World…)


I’m super bummed I didn’t plan this trip far enough in advance to get lower priced AP! I researched a year ago but it was just an idea then. I do have a ridiculously low priced WDW AP with the never expire deal that I bought so long ago now as to be funny (maybe 2019?) since I’m not going now till 2025.

Is the discount on the preferred pass for food or just merchandise? I figure I’ll spend $500 across our 3.5 days, so =$50 savings. The price difference between power and preferred for 2 parks is low. The 3 park is a non starter as they are blocked for VB for most of the summer.

I’m worried about the block out dates for power as that is likely when I’ll be back for a work trip so I may suck it up and but power - before their next price increase!

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Suck it up and buy preferred I mean.

Getting kids passes thru undercover as we only need one pass - which pays for itself on our first visit because of hotel discounts

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It’s all about doing the math.

One year I got a seasonal pass and it paid for itself instantly with the amazing discount it got me on an RPR room.

Most recently I upgraded at renewal to a premier because four of us were going and we spent a lot on food and merch. In my subsequent trip I really appreciated the after 4pm EPs, which meant I didn’t need to stay on property.

I don’t find the the extra charge for a three-park pass makes sense for me. Though one year I upgraded because VB was sold out for the day I wanted to go and this was the only way to get in.

In general I think UOR APs are a great deal.


Just saw this

Although the other prices still show on the comparison page, these are the prices if you go to pay today.


That’s crazy expensive

It makes my decision much easier.

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I have had the Seasonal pass the last two years and have been very pleased with it. It has never been blocked on a day I might possibly be there, and the price is right. I don’t ever have a car in Orlando, so parking is not needed. I don’t buy merch. I don’t go to parties. The only reason I would consider a different pass is for Express Pass, but I usually stay premier with my family, and when I’m there solo, I’m usually focused on Hagrid’s (which doesn’t need Express) and Velocicoaster, so it’s not worth the price for one ride.

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How else do you expect I maintain my physique?

Oh wait… :thinking::rofl:

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