PharmerGirls Trip Report!

this is inappropriate!!!


On our way to DLR in Anaheim next month! Can’t wait. DH and are celebrating our 30th anniversary. I’ve been hanging out on the DLR chat lately trying to soak up all the wise advice there. So tricky to plan these days! Sounds like you had a perfect trip. (And love love the secret bag gift for your friend). Be well!



Dinosaur was down when I had it planned on our AK day and I never worked it back in. Probably a mercy!

Instead we ended up playing unscheduled musical games with Timon. It was spontaneous magic and our best character interaction.

I enjoyed following along! Prayers for your friend.


Alpha Xi Delta :sunny:

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Have so much fun!

I still haven’t gotten to DLR. The time change makes flying from the Midwest for a short trip more difficult, especially when I can get to WDW with a 2 hour nonstop flight for $80RT.

Fake monorail :laughing:

It was so nice to meet you and spend our line time chatting :slight_smile: Our trip is now sadly over, but what a great time!