Paypal Cash Back on Disney Gift Cards

Update. My points are now back down to 6,000 :pensive:

I will update with any other changes

Booo- mine are too! And some other points I was expecting from a different purchase I made this week still aren’t even pending.

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Paypal must be reading this thread :slightly_frowning_face:


I think it is a mistake. Double dipping refers to getting cash back points for using PayPal, and then also whatever points you get for using your rewards credit card. It shouldn’t be Paypal doubling their points.

Hi! Did this end up working for you with those amounts?

Oh too bad. I should go take my “heart” off your earlier post lol. That stinks.

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I just placed an order for an assortment of $50 gift cards (these are what I give to any kids I bring to WDW- usually my kids but sometimes there’s a hanger on/cousin/whatever). I also got a $200 card in the old reliable 50th celebration physical card. I used the PayPal link, and just my standard rewards CC (I believe it’s 1.75%)

I ordered $50 each in the physical gift card designs of Up, Monsters, Cars, the Child, Sorcerer Mickey, and Pirates.

So far the gift cards I’ve ordered through PayPal have been in pending points at the 12% rate and I’ve had success with:

$100 Sorcerer Mickey
$50 Retro Map

With Rakuten, I had success with a $150 e-gift card 50th design. (10% cash back for that one, but sometimes Rakuten does a 15% off so that’s a good thing to remember! I can stack Rakuten with my Disney Visa discounts so that’s usually my go-to if I’m buying other random merchandise.)

I’m going to assume the styles I just ordered won’t have a problem, and I will just be sad if they don’t.

In other news, it looks like the SamsClub 10% off a $500 gift card isn’t offered this year? I’m only seeing a $200 GC with 15$ off, so if anyone has been saving to buy the $500, I would jump over to PayPal deals and do it that way, I guess.

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I keep seeing people bringing up this year’s Sam’s $200 for $175 GC offer in groups, but lately that’s a pretty meh offer! :smiley:


Caveat: i usually use lines, so I’m not sure if I’ve used proper forum etiquette by replying to the most recent post?

Anyone familiar with rakutens Black Friday deals? ShopDisney is 10% cash back at the moment. Wondering if I should hold out for a higher percentage on Friday.

(Can’t/wont use PayPal after they refused to close an unauthorized acct opened with my email address, without me first disclosing my social security number to them… Seriously. And no, it was not a third party scammer, it was straight up PayPal when I contacted customer service directly)

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Reply any old way, it’s all good. :slight_smile:

I haven’t heard any specific Rakuten deals myself but 10% is pretty strong, especially if you pair it with a rewards credit card.

Also check any Visa cards you have, they just refreshed their card linked deals: I have shopDisney 10% back on a couple and 15% on another. (Funnily enough my Disney didn’t have one!)

Those card linked deals will stack on top of a portal cash back because the show up as statement credits. But they also usually have smallish maximums, so you can’t go crazy with them.

I agree when PayPal asks for SSN it is annoying and can be concerning. But FWIW it is because of US income reporting laws which changed a few years ago with a threshold of only $600 cash back when it used to be $20K!

They are a gigantic company and their security should be as good as a bank site. (I haven’t had to offer my SSN yet, but think I’d do it if I had to.)

Ah, I didn’t think to check cc rewards, thank you! Of course Freedom CB category is for PayPal :roll_eyes:, but will check my other cards. Appreciate your take on PP safety controls. If I were closing my own acct, id be more apt to provide SSN, but I have never done business with them so i was frustrated that I would have to violate my “privacy” to fix their problem of approving someone else’s acct using my email address (somehow the acct holder got around 2 factor. no evidence to show they actually had access to my email acct).

Today it is 15%!!!

I don’t even need any Disney cash right now but that is hard to pass up!



My partner took one for the team and registered for PayPal. It’s showing 24% CB for shopDisney. When you pass through the portal it confirms 24% but then on the top header it still says 15%. Anyone have luck today with 24%?

It’s showing 15% for me. Still better than the 12% I bought at :slight_smile:

Mine shows 24% cash back in PayPal, but when I click through, it only shows 12% in the header. This is from the PayPal app. I haven’t checked the website yet.

Also showing 15% currently for me on the PayPal website:

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I had this question too - I saw it was 24% on a different site but mine only said 12%

Now it is up to 15%. I think I prefer Paypal to Rakuten, since it actually takes less time!


Saw several people in other groups say the 24% came through as 12% too. Seems to be a bug.

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