Park Reservation System thread

Ha! I checked earlier today too! Thanks for the heads up!

My pleasure!

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Wow, what happened! No green left, strange…

Wow! Looks like no HS reservations left, except for AP. We have our reservations for our dates, but I keep worrying about what crowds we will encounter.:flushed:

Me, too!

Here we go again…


Will be interesting to see how busy (wait times) HS is in December!

Not gonna lie — the green makes me glued to the ADR pages :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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We go the first two days of Dec, TP is still predicting a “4” for Hs. My touring plan wait times are not bad, like 45 min for each of the thrill rides and 60 min for Mickey’s railway. We shall see :crossed_fingers:

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We are three 12/1! Maybe we will see ya!