Park Hours Exended - when does FPP drop for those hours?

Headed down to the world for mid-March spring break and ours hours have been extended. Hoping to score a FOP FPP for those extended hours, I don’t see those hours yet available to book.

Does anyone know when FPP are put out there when hours are extended??

I have a friend that needed FoP during his trip. They extended hours on a Friday and FPs were available the next morning.

Nice, I’m sure I’ll check a couple of times tonight but here’s hoping they show up tomorrow. Maybe around 7 EST you think?

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I saw the post when my friend was looking around 8:00 but it have opened earlier

So, we were planning to be at AK before RD on 3/1 because we have no FP’s. It is now 7:19 PM. No FP’s available for FOP. Are you saying that tomorrow AM they will likely drop FP’s for AK? if so, do you think they would do it before 7:00AM?

Did they extend the hours at AK for your day? When they extend hours they open additional FPs. I would check tonight but definitely tomorrow morning. My friend said he got them for two different days when I texted him. He checked back two hours later and there was nothing left.

Great, thank you. They did extend the hours for my days, and I have been away from the computer all day. When I saw the notice about the extended hours, I wanted to croak because I thought I missed my opportunity! I don’t think the FP’s have been available yet though for the earlier opening. I have my fingers crossed for tomorrow morning!

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Good luck!

So far they have added the drop down for the extended hours but FPPs not available for those times yet. I’ll keep obsessively checking. I thought I was out of luck completely for FOP as we kind of booked last minute but this is my one chance.

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I tried to book at 60 days at 7:00 AM, but there were none. We are only staying for 4 days, and apparently other people who started their vacation a few days earlier reserved all of the FOP FP’s for our days. This is my last chance.

I’m on the same boat here… I’m trying to get 7DMT for the new park opening time, but no fast passes were available at 7:00 AM EST

I just posted on chat. Last month it was closer to 9:00 before anyone posted they were available.

@tink: 9am est?

Ugh. I’ve been sitting here for a half hour refreshing and refreshing…

The same here. Two more hours of insanity…

Yes that was last month but I do not know if it is always the same

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I have FoP FPP at 9:50am, was planning to RD Navi River but they just changed AK hours to 8am on the day we’re there. Would you try to change the FoP FPP to earlier (assuming I even can) or just leave it as is and not change plans at all? I re-evaluated my touring plan and it didn’t change the time for Navi even though the park is opening earlier. Would appreciate advice! This is our first time in WDW.

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I think I would leave it! I would do Navi, then a few other things and return for FoP. Or do FoP at opening (showing up before 7) and again with FP.

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Ok, since I am sitting here frying my brain on MDE, I have a question about searching for FP’s. After I search a day, and there is nothing, I go back and hit the “Start Over” button and go through the process of selecting my party again, etc. My son tells me that is not necessary. He says if I just keep flip-flopping the times I am checking for, the page will refresh and I can check more efficiently. I am afraid if they add FP’s while I am doing this, they won’t show up until I “Start Over”. Please advise.

From experience in being at the parks and refreshing, going between times is the fastest way since it has the least amount of frames to load & reload between.