Park Hopper Plus

I am getting conflicting answers to what I can do with a 4 day park hopper plus ticket.

Does it mean that during a vacation I can only go to a Disney Theme Park or Water Park on 4 days - Mon, Tue, Wed, and Thurs.? Ex:
Mon - MK and EP,
Tue - Water Park and EP,
Wed - AK
Thurs - Water Park and HS

Or can I do something like this and stretch it to 5 days?

Mon - MK and EP
Tue - Water Park and EP
Wed - AK
Thurs - HS
Fri - Water Park

On the phone with Disney, I was told only the first example was possible - but checking different messageboards they tell me the second option is possible.

Any help would be appreciated.

You have up to 14 days to use your tickets. Is it still 4 park days, 4 water park entrances (and you can use two water parks in one day?).

Yes, here It is.

Edited to add- those people answering the phones shouldn’t answer questions.


Thank you - what I’m trying to clarify is that theoretically it could be 4 park days and additionally 4 water park days for a possible total of 8 days - or only 4 days that can include parks and/or water park. I’m not planning on using 8 days - but I wouldn’t mind a stretch of 5 days on Disney property - even if one is just a water park and not a theme park.

The Disney person I spoke to on the phone seemed to imply that I could only be on Disney property for a total of 4 days. Perhaps I didn’t ask the question correctly.

Sorry I was not clear (although the link is- I think). You can use them for a total of 8 days (4 Park, 4 “more”) any time up to 14 days. Yes, you can use them for 4 or 5 days- up to 8 days.


Thank you - you were clear the first time. It’s the person on the phone who has me confused as she contradicted this.

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Poor training and a “call center”.


Oh, wow. I didn’t know this. How did I not know this?

I thought the Park Hopper Plus only meant you could park hop to the water parks as well. But what you’re saying is that if you pay for 4 day park hopper plus tickets, you could, in theory, go a full 8 days (if you spend 4 of those days only at water parks and the other four days NOT in water parks)?

Of course, our family probably wouldn’t care to spend 4 days at water parks. Still. Good to know.


Correct. Or any of the other “plus” options.

for example, on a 4 day PHP:

Day of arrival: Round of Mini-Golf (Fantasia Gardens).

Day 1: HS open, MK Close.

Day 2: EPCOT open, AK Close.

Day 3: Blizzard Beach, evening mini golf at Winter Summerland

Day 4: AK open, HS Close

Day 5: MK open, EPCOT close.

Day of Departure: Mini-Golf (morning) at Winter Summerland.

Currently, Mini golf (if that’s your thing) costs ~$14/round, plus a waterpark entry is ~$65/round. That’s ~$107 value, for the cost of the “Plus” option. Obviously, that goes up if you do both waterparks.

I think you could only do Blizzard Beach OR minigolf in the same day.

I believe it’s marketed as one “plus” visit per day of park tickets.

Anyone want to chime in?

I realize that the Mom’s Panel is not 100% authoritative.

However, the following response does make it seem you can use more than one option in a single day. In this case, both waterparks in one day.

And this one is pretty clear that it’s a go:

Though I will comment that I did miss the “mini golf rounds only before 4” bit. so there’s that.

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That’s the part I was thinking of. :slight_smile: I was just about to post same from ticket information page :slight_smile:

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Sounds like we’re in semi-violent agreement. :wink:

You could do mini-golf to BB easily, using two options, but BB to an evening mini-golf doesn’t work!

Yay for us researching! Go Team!

Semi-violent? :open_mouth:

Maybe a little shouting, but no fisticuffs. :stuck_out_tongue:

I never shouted :frowning:

I’m sorry if it came across that way.

Nah, I’m playin’. I often have a tongue-in-cheek quality to my sense of humor that doesn’t translate well.

I invite you to giggle, chuckle, or have a great belly laugh along with me. :smiley:

Oh good. I know sometimes I come across a bit “strong” in the written word - I’m working on that. I was confused because I thought I was pretty benign in my replies.

Belly laughing!

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I have a 6 day park hopper plus 1 fun. I understand I could use it for 1 mini golf or 1 water park entry but can I use it on our 7th day? We have a late flight out and was planning on doing DS/pool day but could we do a water park or does it need to be with in the 6 days are hopper passes are used.