“Park Essentials” T-Shirt

Don’t tell me you couldn’t do that @PrincipalTinker. I fully believe you could. :slight_smile:


My first thought: bathrooms ?

Second thought: design-speak, odd numbers are generally somehow better.

If there’s room on the shirt.

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Bathroom Map?

On the back.

“Turn around, honey, Princess needs a bathroom quick; I need to look at the map”

eta: as if a touring plans parent of Princess already doesn’t know exactly where the nearest bathroom is.

I like the idea of adding a 5th item to the list, as i agree odd numbers just read better, but not sure I would wanna go with “bathrooms”.

I feel that gets a little personal

Is there something else that is kinda hidden? Like knowledge of Easter eggs or something?


I feel like 5 items would make the shirt a bit too busy. I’d vote for removing spreadsheet and having 3 items. But others might disagree. I don’t make spreadsheets, I get enough of them at work, so that probably plays into my thinking.


“Rests”?! Or “Rope Drop”

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Rests feel like quitter talk though. Heh

What other “essentials” are there? Magic bands? Money/Gift Card? Sunscreen? Sunglasses? MDE App?

Drop snacks?


But snacks are essential! :pleading_face:


Then spreadsheets?

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Well…technically it’s the same as the “touring plan”, right? so I guess that’d make more sense?


Maybe the checklist should be touring plans focused more- touring plan, lines app, ?
A third one that also related to

Just throwing out an idea

A Snacks checklist t-shirt seems necessary.

eta though if @Randall1028 is doing the list of Essential Snacks, it could become a very busy t-shirt…

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I like:
Touring Plan
Lines App

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-Rope Drop
-Lines App
-Snack List

I’d probably leave out the -Touring Plans because it’s kind of a duplicate since touringplans.com is below?

I’d pick Snack List over ADR’s mainly because that implies WDW. I think about wearing these also at UOR, so the shirt should be neutral?

Of the original list, is a speadsheet used at the park, since there’s a plan and an app? The snack list, or maybe beverage list even, is important.

As improbable as it may seem, we have occasionally left a park without having partaken of a snack we were there for. The ride or two and perhaps something from a store apparently occupied overmuch memory.

I don’t think you can do a TP list without a touring plan? I know many of us may disagree about the use of a touring plan but I know a lot of people use TP just for the crowd calendars and touring plans?


No. Buy 2 shirts, complete the full set :laughing:

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