“Park Essentials” T-Shirt

Have done.

Good points

-Touring Plans should replace Spreadsheet I guess. Although I turn my touring plans into spreadsheets and then print them to take in the park. But I’m just crazy like that :man_shrugging:

Yes, I came across Touring Plans by first finding their crowd calendar!

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Agree, but does Universal have a fancy font to use like WDW?

Harry Potter must have written something down once…

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The Sacred Space
Liner feedback

What about Optimised Touring Plan ?

What if people ask what is the Sacred Space?! :scream:


That’s what I was thinking.

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you say “It’s a Liner secret, you need to join to find out” as enigmatically as you can. :grin:


I like it!

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For years Crew’s Cup and the amazing truffle fries was referred to “the place that shall not be named” (or something like that?)


Whaaaaaat? :slight_smile:

It is for me cause I find it faster. By the time I pull out the phone, open the app, let it load it’s info, and then scroll, I could pull out my paper spread sheet and glance down in half the time.

That said, I’m not sure I would call a printout of the spreadsheet “essential” over a the general term “touring plan”

Thanks to the Potter movies, this now has a very negative connotation. So I’m not sure that’d be a good name for our favorite spots now. :frowning:

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Except it sounds so Luddite . . .


My point is that favorite places change over the years. What we call them can change with time.


Not kinda hidden but often looked for in a certain demographic: character sightings

But are they “essential”? Like you wouldn’t walk into the park without this.

This is what keeps tripping me up. Glad this isn’t my design :laughing:

Moleskin :laughing:
I always have it with me :woman_shrugging:

Essential is in the mind of the park goer.

With littles - characters are more essential than food.

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Right, but you can’t carry characters was my point though. I mean…you could, but… I don’t think security is gonna love that.

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This was where I derailed

I was thinking what was essential IN the park

As opposed to essential to have with one while going to and being in the park.