Pandora Preview

I just found this very thorough review of Pandora done by Rob over at Theme Park Review, complete with pictures and a few short videos. He was at the first media day.

This is going to be amazing…


There are not enough likes for this

Thanks for sharing! His review just reinforced my decision not to go on Flight of Passage, but Na’vi River Journey looks like just my speed. :slight_smile:


It looks amazing, beyond anything I imagined. I cannot wait to see it, now to figure out how to do that without having to wait until October.

That is amazing. We are so looking forward to going and seeing all that they have done with this. We have to wait until December to see this. I might not be able to do the Flight of Passage but I am going to go thru the line to see it all. It looks like Disney has upped their offerings and I look forward to everything else that will be coming out. For right now, Pandora looks to be a huge hit and will draw people to AK.

Looks Awesome. I will do all of it…YOLO!

Has anyone heard how bad the drops are?

I wasn’t worried about Flight of Passage, but now I am. Anything similar to ToT does not sound good to me!

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Do you think the drops for FOP are as bad as TOT?

Definitely not my kind of ride! I’ll stick with the boat.:slightly_smiling_face: Describes it much differently … can’t imagine this style of ride can drop like ToT does…

The “drops” are supposedly pretty mild; just enough to make you come out of your seat a little bit. I’m imagining something like going down on a see-saw when the other person pushes off the ground.

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I am stoked! Thanks for sharing that. I am convinced to use 1/2 day at AK for my arrival day to get a FPP for one of these rides. I will need to visit them both!

So cool! Wish I had a countdown!!!

So do I!!!

September can not get her fast enough!!

Just published! The map of Pandora from the official Disney (MDE) map of AK.



Here’s a zoomed-out screen capture showing how Pandora firs into the rest of AK. The “Download printable maps” feature still has the current map.

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I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews on the intensity of FoP. If anyone has ridden it is it more like Soarin or TOT?