Paging Prof Matt V&A Excitement!

Beautiful! Have a wonderful dinner experience!


That too. LOL.

I used to love the looks on the faces of the moms at my kids’ school in the morning. They would ask me where I was going “all dressed up”. I would slowly turn, smile and say “oh, I’m going home to clean the toilets”.

Never failed to get an epic reaction.

I don’t even own leggings or yoga pants. It’s just not ME. I don’t care that everyone else wears them (although thin leggings should not be worn as pants…but that’s another issue), but I’ve never conformed to anything…so I dress how I like and don’t care what others think. LOL.


I own yoga pants to go to yoga.

But I love being dressed up. It’s more me! I actually dress more casual at work than I do at home. Go figure.

When I get the dress, I’ll let you know!


If I did yoga, I would own them! LOL.

I just love dressing up for special occasions.


Totally heart the skirt. I finally pulled out a dress with crinolines and a full skirt to wear to an event. Paired it with a cardigan and it felt AMAZING. I don’t dress up much - I work in casual, non profit environment - but after that I may just change my mind.

So excited for your V&A reservations too!! You must have had tinkerbell on your shoulder :slight_smile:


Yes please do this!!!

That is awesome!!! How fun to dress up!

You look wonderful!! I wouldn’t change that blouse. Congratulations on the chef’s table! Enjoy!


Hi there!!!

I can’t wait to hear all about your experience!

@profmatt have you seen this request for your help?

Hola amiga! How are you today?

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I am doing well and I hope that you are too!

Just finished dusting and the kitchen so everything´s looking better today!

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Thanks! I actually have one that is almost the same but I prefer the collar…and it’s a little more suited to Florida climate! :wink: (I have more clothes than sense…including an entire closet devoted to formal wear…I manage to attend several black tie events every year, plus I help costume a few local theatre groups. LOL)


Hmmm… you’re right. Long sleeve in Orlando may not be comfortable, even though sometimes the air conditioning is fit for Yetis in some restaurants and stores! :grin:

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I don’t know if you’ve read my very detailed review in All alone in the World: Day 3

At one point I posted that the meal was exceptional — that view changed during the last two courses. It was — for me — a massive mistake to order the Japanese beef. It wasn’t at all to my taste and I felt almost unwell after eating it. And the soufflé was very poor, I thought.

I don’t know what advice I can offer, really — do you have specific questions? I think the chef’s table doesn’t give you the options the regular dining room does. All I’d say is that I’d choose your food wisely. Take risks, by all means, but $110 supplement for beef that I not only didn’t enjoy but which actually made me feel unwell was a very regrettable mistake, not least because it coloured my view of the entire meal. If I’d left before that course, I would have said the whole experience was the greatest culinary experience of my life. But I didn’t. And so I can’t say that. (To be clear, I’m not blaming V&A for the beef. I’m sure that’s what it’s supposed to be like. Which, as it turned out, was just not at all my kind of thing. I do blame V&A for the soufflé. It was just not a good soufflé. At all.)

I’m a little sad you’ve said you’re not having the wine pairings. That was a big and positive part of the experience for me.

@bswan26 is the house expert on the V&A chef’s table.


Yes, I remember your detailed review! In fact, I will not be adding on the beef (if offered) due to your review. Plus I’ve had very delicious and very expensive beef at a very fine restaurant before, and while it was yummy, it wasn’t anything I’ve been salivating to try again! This was nearly 10 years ago, I was down in Australia…perhaps the meal was colored a bit by the company…my ex husband and how now co-workers who made me incredibly uncomfortable. Of course now I know they had met his new wife, then girlfriend, first, and NO WONDER they were puzzled by my appearance! LOL.

Anyway. I am skipping the wine pairing just because I cannot drink more than a glass or two without feeling very ill in the Florida weather. We have a packed schedule for the next day, and I need to be on my toes! Believe me, I am sad as well, but I would be down for probably 2-3 days if I added wine!!! I did share my food allergies with them (fish, seafood, ALL mushrooms, even truffles. Which is tragic, but I do not wish to try out the local emergency room!), so that will probably change my experience. I am however SO EXCITED.

And I’m packing shoes JUST for that night. LOL. I thought of you as I pulled them out for my suitcase @profmatt :joy:


I have done the Chefs Table; it was the most amazing meal that I have had anywhere. Dressing up for dinner is wonderful, but keep in mind that the meal is 10 courses and will run close to 5 hours, so comfort is a concern. Each course is relatively small, but all added together, it’s quite a lot of food. Truthfully, I would not plan on going back to the MK after the meal; I wouldn’t want that idea hanging over my head while I was immersed in culinary heaven, and after that much food, I couldn’t imagine dealing with MK crowds in the heat - especially in semi-formal attire.

The wine pairing was excellent. Although technically “short pours” (which were very generous), 8 glasses later it was a lot of wine. Due to medications my wife could only take a sip or two of each so I drank pretty much the whole pairing. I am NO stranger to drinking, but I’ll admit I was certainly “feeling it” by the time I was done. If you do decide to try it, I would recommend sharing one pairing.

Keep in mind that the price does not include tax (7%) and tip (20%). We added one wine pairing to share, and added two $50 “specials” ( the Japanese Wagu beef, which completely redefines what beef is), and when all was said and done, it cost us over $900 (for two).

Counter opinion regarding the Wagu beef. It was the most amazingly incredible sample of beef that I have ever eaten. If I remember correctly @profmatt had it for a full course for $110; when we ate at the Chef’s Table, it was offered as a $50 2 oz. add-on to the Australian Wagu beef course. A two oz sampling was amazing, but I could see how a full 4 oz. “steak” might be too much; it is incredibly ritch.

Either you will get a call from them, or you can initiate the call to discuss food allergies/ preferences. We had 6 in our party when we went and there were two different allergies, several “I don’t eat” issues, and a vegetarian. Each meal was individually adjusted and all were outstanding.

Happy to answer and specific questions that you might have.


Thank you for your insight @bswan26

I was told the chefs table is only running 3-hours next Friday. :woman_shrugging:t3:

I actually have pre-reserved seating for the fireworks set up afterwards, so we won’t be fighting too many crowds. I tend to run around in formal and semi-formal attire most days anyway…so for me that isn’t an issue. We will probably take a Minnie Van over.

I, like your wife, have to be careful with too much alcohol due to medication I take for some health conditions. I can drink, but I generally choose not too as to not risk interaction. And I already struggle with heat & humidty, so 1-2 drinks is okay, but 8?! Forget that!!! My dining partner will probably do the wine pairing and I’m sure I’ll sneak a few sips!!!

I will probably skip any add ons, just because it iS a lot of food! Do you have any advice for preparing to eat THAT much?



@JuliaMc: finally tried on my new dress. I think I can wear it to MNSSHP and pretend I am a modern Cinderella. Also, my BF really liked it, so I will be wearing that dress to V&A.

I love the freedom Disney World gives me.