Paging Prof Matt V&A Excitement!


So I was able to get V&A reservation for 8/9. (Massive Disney magic) They called me today to confirm, and the gal mentioned that she saw on my reservation notes I would really prefer the chefs table dining experience. She said she didn’t have that for the 9th, but she DID have a cancellation on the 10th for the chefs table.

Considering the cost is only an additional $15…

We are going to the chefs table next Friday!!!

I do not plan to do the wine pairing, as we have plans to go to the fireworks in the Magic Kingdom afterwards.

Eeks! I am SO excited!!! Anyone who has done this before? Any tips? Advice?

I’m also super excited about my outfit. Essentially a ballgown skirt with a blouse and sparkly heels. The Grand Floridian reminds me so much of an epic seaside retreat from the early 1900’s. I feel this dining experience requires equally epic attire. :grin:


I have no advice whatsoever, but just wanted to say congratulations on snagging the reservation! And you must post pictures of that outfit!


I literally just bought a periwinkle ballgown to go to V&A and I was wondering if it were ok. So glad to know I won’t be the only one.


YASSSS. Here’s an incredibly terrible shot of the skirt…I have a different blouse in mind…

Team overdressed for the win!!!


I prefer to consider the other people are under-dressed.


Beautiful! Have a wonderful dinner experience!


That too. LOL.

I used to love the looks on the faces of the moms at my kids’ school in the morning. They would ask me where I was going “all dressed up”. I would slowly turn, smile and say “oh, I’m going home to clean the toilets”.

Never failed to get an epic reaction.

I don’t even own leggings or yoga pants. It’s just not ME. I don’t care that everyone else wears them (although thin leggings should not be worn as pants…but that’s another issue), but I’ve never conformed to anything…so I dress how I like and don’t care what others think. LOL.


I own yoga pants to go to yoga.

But I love being dressed up. It’s more me! I actually dress more casual at work than I do at home. Go figure.

When I get the dress, I’ll let you know!


If I did yoga, I would own them! LOL.

I just love dressing up for special occasions.


Totally heart the skirt. I finally pulled out a dress with crinolines and a full skirt to wear to an event. Paired it with a cardigan and it felt AMAZING. I don’t dress up much - I work in casual, non profit environment - but after that I may just change my mind.

So excited for your V&A reservations too!! You must have had tinkerbell on your shoulder :slight_smile:


Yes please do this!!!

That is awesome!!! How fun to dress up!

You look wonderful!! I wouldn’t change that blouse. Congratulations on the chef’s table! Enjoy!


Hi there!!!

I can’t wait to hear all about your experience!

@profmatt have you seen this request for your help?

Hola amiga! How are you today?

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I am doing well and I hope that you are too!

Just finished dusting and the kitchen so everything´s looking better today!

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Thanks! I actually have one that is almost the same but I prefer the collar…and it’s a little more suited to Florida climate! :wink: (I have more clothes than sense…including an entire closet devoted to formal wear…I manage to attend several black tie events every year, plus I help costume a few local theatre groups. LOL)


Hmmm… you’re right. Long sleeve in Orlando may not be comfortable, even though sometimes the air conditioning is fit for Yetis in some restaurants and stores! :grin:

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