Paging Prof Matt V&A Excitement!

I don’t know if you’ve read my very detailed review in Trip report J183

At one point I posted that the meal was exceptional — that view changed during the last two courses. It was — for me — a massive mistake to order the Japanese beef. It wasn’t at all to my taste and I felt almost unwell after eating it. And the soufflé was very poor, I thought.

I don’t know what advice I can offer, really — do you have specific questions? I think the chef’s table doesn’t give you the options the regular dining room does. All I’d say is that I’d choose your food wisely. Take risks, by all means, but $110 supplement for beef that I not only didn’t enjoy but which actually made me feel unwell was a very regrettable mistake, not least because it coloured my view of the entire meal. If I’d left before that course, I would have said the whole experience was the greatest culinary experience of my life. But I didn’t. And so I can’t say that. (To be clear, I’m not blaming V&A for the beef. I’m sure that’s what it’s supposed to be like. Which, as it turned out, was just not at all my kind of thing. I do blame V&A for the soufflé. It was just not a good soufflé. At all.)

I’m a little sad you’ve said you’re not having the wine pairings. That was a big and positive part of the experience for me.

@bswan26 is the house expert on the V&A chef’s table.


Yes, I remember your detailed review! In fact, I will not be adding on the beef (if offered) due to your review. Plus I’ve had very delicious and very expensive beef at a very fine restaurant before, and while it was yummy, it wasn’t anything I’ve been salivating to try again! This was nearly 10 years ago, I was down in Australia…perhaps the meal was colored a bit by the company…my ex husband and how now co-workers who made me incredibly uncomfortable. Of course now I know they had met his new wife, then girlfriend, first, and NO WONDER they were puzzled by my appearance! LOL.

Anyway. I am skipping the wine pairing just because I cannot drink more than a glass or two without feeling very ill in the Florida weather. We have a packed schedule for the next day, and I need to be on my toes! Believe me, I am sad as well, but I would be down for probably 2-3 days if I added wine!!! I did share my food allergies with them (fish, seafood, ALL mushrooms, even truffles. Which is tragic, but I do not wish to try out the local emergency room!), so that will probably change my experience. I am however SO EXCITED.

And I’m packing shoes JUST for that night. LOL. I thought of you as I pulled them out for my suitcase @profmatt :joy:


I have done the Chefs Table; it was the most amazing meal that I have had anywhere. Dressing up for dinner is wonderful, but keep in mind that the meal is 10 courses and will run close to 5 hours, so comfort is a concern. Each course is relatively small, but all added together, it’s quite a lot of food. Truthfully, I would not plan on going back to the MK after the meal; I wouldn’t want that idea hanging over my head while I was immersed in culinary heaven, and after that much food, I couldn’t imagine dealing with MK crowds in the heat - especially in semi-formal attire.

The wine pairing was excellent. Although technically “short pours” (which were very generous), 8 glasses later it was a lot of wine. Due to medications my wife could only take a sip or two of each so I drank pretty much the whole pairing. I am NO stranger to drinking, but I’ll admit I was certainly “feeling it” by the time I was done. If you do decide to try it, I would recommend sharing one pairing.

Keep in mind that the price does not include tax (7%) and tip (20%). We added one wine pairing to share, and added two $50 “specials” ( the Japanese Wagu beef, which completely redefines what beef is), and when all was said and done, it cost us over $900 (for two).

Counter opinion regarding the Wagu beef. It was the most amazingly incredible sample of beef that I have ever eaten. If I remember correctly @profmatt had it for a full course for $110; when we ate at the Chef’s Table, it was offered as a $50 2 oz. add-on to the Australian Wagu beef course. A two oz sampling was amazing, but I could see how a full 4 oz. “steak” might be too much; it is incredibly ritch.

Either you will get a call from them, or you can initiate the call to discuss food allergies/ preferences. We had 6 in our party when we went and there were two different allergies, several “I don’t eat” issues, and a vegetarian. Each meal was individually adjusted and all were outstanding.

Happy to answer and specific questions that you might have.


Thank you for your insight @bswan26

I was told the chefs table is only running 3-hours next Friday. :woman_shrugging:t3:

I actually have pre-reserved seating for the fireworks set up afterwards, so we won’t be fighting too many crowds. I tend to run around in formal and semi-formal attire most days anyway…so for me that isn’t an issue. We will probably take a Minnie Van over.

I, like your wife, have to be careful with too much alcohol due to medication I take for some health conditions. I can drink, but I generally choose not too as to not risk interaction. And I already struggle with heat & humidty, so 1-2 drinks is okay, but 8?! Forget that!!! My dining partner will probably do the wine pairing and I’m sure I’ll sneak a few sips!!!

I will probably skip any add ons, just because it iS a lot of food! Do you have any advice for preparing to eat THAT much?



@JuliaMc: finally tried on my new dress. I think I can wear it to MNSSHP and pretend I am a modern Cinderella. Also, my BF really liked it, so I will be wearing that dress to V&A.

I love the freedom Disney World gives me.