Packing Cubes for Carry On

Just wondering if anyone has used packing cubes for carry on luggage? And if so, which ones have you used.


Every week. I use the eBags cubes, which have sizes that work well with my roll-aboard. Just remember to follow the 3-1-1 rule, so no liquids in the packing cubes.


I am a packing cube convert, so I always use them now! I have two sets - one from eBags and one from Amazon. The set from Amazon is two each of 3 different sizes (small, med, large), the set I have from eBags is one each of small, medium, and large and then three of the “slim” cubes which are great for like socks, underwear, swimsuits, etc. I always use some configuration that fits well in my carryon and checked bag (if any).

I tried to find them on my Amazon history, but got them years ago so no luck, but both of my kids (adults and on their own now) use them frequently. I’m pretty sure theirs are just standard, I formerly had the kind that would compress what was in them a little bit via a wrap around 2X zipper, but the zippers broke (likely my fault from overstuffing them) so I would not recommend them or would recommend with caution. Now that you’ve reminded me, I’ll probably pick up some new ones soon!

These are the ones I have from Amazon:

The large size is very large and I almost never use them.

This is the set I have from ebags:

There was another long discussion on packing cubes at
Calling All Packing Cube Afficianodos.

I wrote there twice.

In summary…

We’ve used ebags and Eagle Creek for a decade. We love them. All four of us have a different color set of 3. They keep our family of 4 organized on long and short trips and even overnighters. They do compress a little bit.

Recently, I bought some Gonex compression cubes, hoping they would allow us to pack a smaller check in suitcase. I didn’t like the half zipper for the cubes and I had a hard time zipping the compression zipper. It kept on getting caught on the fabric. And DH was dubious about how long the compression zipper would last. I sent them back.

Do we use them with carryon luggage? Absolutely! For up to 4 days, with a complete change of clothes each day, we just use the largest cube for everything. We each can get all three cubes into regulation carryon luggage for a 10 day trip. But it’s very snug. We never do just carryon for such long trips. One check-in and 3 carryons gives us flexibility to buy stuff and dirty laundry just takes up more space. Although, I have been known to fold up dirty laundry and put them back into the cubes. We throw the cubes into the wash when we come home anyway.

The compression bags may have allowed us to just do regulation carryons since there is no weight limit. But they will be awfully heavy to lift into the overhead bin!

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Thanks for all the input…I will definitely be getting some cubes for my upcoming trip…:grinning:

DH was so pleased you validated his concern about the zipper breaking!:wink:

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Love packing cubes. I use AWAY luggage and cubes. Using packing cubes I can pack 10 days of outfits in a carry on that includes 4 pairs of shoes with room to spare. It’s amazing how much you can get into a cube. Most cubes come in different sizes and shapes so it’s like a puzzle in your suitcase. The best part is when you get to your hotel take your cubes from the suitcase to the dresser drawers.

I use eagle creek compression bags with mesh. They compress down, fit enough for me for at least 5 days in my carry on, and the mesh means that it keeps things airy(though that isn’t the biggest thing).
I know people who’ve done longer trips with these packing cubes as carry on only. I just like having room to bring things back so I avoid doing carry-on only for longer trips.

I am retired now but I use to do a lot of business travel, many of them international. I learned very early to never check a bag. I only use carry on and a tote. I roll clothes and found packing cubes to just be more bulk. I do however use a small packing cube for my undies. I carry a coat or light jacket they make great pillows or blankets. I wear the largest shoes and usually slide them off on the plane. I wear my jeans on the plane since they are bulkiest. It has never failed me.

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To each his own, I guess. I swear by the Gonex ones, although I got a Mogase set that I like, too. Look at the sizes to see what will fit. How do you pack? If you roll, you might need something different that someone who folds. I folded a stack of clothes, then measured it and looked for something that size.

This is my first suggestion because I use the mediums mostly, but I like the large, as well. Once in awhile I use the xlarge, but it won’t be for carry ons.

There’s also these Slims for a roll packer:

For compression, I like this, but it’s a large size.

There are smaller compression ones on that page, but I noted that a PP didn’t like them. I use this for my pants, because I don’t have a lot that I bring and I can make the cube smaller instead of having stuff fall or get out of shape.

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That Amazon set is one that we have - bought earlier this year. Very handy and our set had the compression zippers.

eta Looked at Amazon and this is the set we actually bought. Same brand but different sizes.

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We just started using packing cubes about 2 years ago - how did I live without them? Everything is kept neat, organized and it’s so easy to pack and unpack. Highly recommend whether you use for carry on or packed luggage!