Over-rated...In your opinion?


1900 park fare was one for me, might have been because we were sat right were the characters came out.
We have also done Prime time 3 times and no more for us.


I know many people love it but I do not know if I will ever return to the Calli Grill.


We have eaten there twice & felt the same way... 😁


I was feeling like that about CP. We had been 3 or 4 times for dinner/lunch and felt the food quality was on the decline. We tried b-fast (pre RD) last time and felt better. It's our "tradition" place according to DS17 so I guess we'll do it again. Also didn't love 1900 Park Fare, and will likely not return to LC... the food was great but I just couldn't get over the cost and I didn't really like the ambiance. Luckily there are so many places to eat, we try new places each trip.


Be Our Guest did not live up to all of the hype for us. Yes, the atmosphere was amazing but the service and food were not good when we dined there. I stumbled upon an ADR for our upcoming trip and booked it but then turned around and cancelled it.


I am going with that in mind about BOG, looking for the atmosphere not the food. Its a bit like that with Sci fi diner, although I don't mind the food there unlike some people


Mama Melrose was gross to me. Chef Mickey's food was meh. Service was meh-1. Won't be going back to either.


Biergarten, Coral Reef (food was gross), Soarin (craptastic film/screen), OGMS (GGLS) is soo much better


Although California is being attacked by giant pieces of lint, I love the orange smell and the fireworks.
I think test track is overrated (woohoo! 65 in a car, when will I ever do that besides my daily commute?) So Soarin will get my tier 1 fpp


Le Cellier and Cali Grill were definitely not what I was expecting in terms of service & food quality. But I've only tried them both once. Could have been bad luck. What's not overrated at CG is the view. That is so amazing and I didn't even see Wishes.


I agree with test track, I was not over impressed with Fantasmatic, sorry


We have not done TT since about 2004, has it changed any for the better/worse? Is it worth another try?

Our overrated restaurant would be BOG lunch. It was definitely worth it to see it once but thought the food was comparable to RF QS at WL, which is good just not worth the hassle.


Chef Mickeys was just gross IMHO. However, they let us bring in a bottle of wine - after having a glass or two i got to just sit back and watch my kids have a blast!!! That made it all worth it!


Maybe we hit on a bad night but thought Ohana was just okay not sure was worth stalking for reservation.


I forgot about Ohana. Add that to my list. I was going to make an ADR for Nov. but my DH said that it was his least favorite meal of our trip and he didn't want to return.


Regarding Le Cellier, we had a meal there and it was fine, not the best and not the worst just fine. We haven't been back, not saying we wouldn't we just haven't.


What I would say, the food is just OK, but if you get the right table its amazing, we had a window seat and watched wishes while we ate, tears rolling down....while the next table fooled around, can laugh now but at the time I couldn't understand why they weren't being quiet in the moment.


Jiko for us. We had a pretty bad experience there a couple years ago & don't want to return any time soon. Close to 3 hour wait even with ADR, awful service & meh food. May have been an off night but I'm not willing to go through that again to find out.

For rides, agree with TT. Loved the old, the new bored me. Also (this may be controversial) but Space Mountain. I just find it bumpy, jerky, not thrilling and there's not even anything to look at. Much prefer SM in DLP!


Seriously bad experience at the Wave. Food was "OK", but the server made the meal beyond unpleasant. Too many other places to try before I give them a second chance.


OGMS - too small, too sweet, too weak, and TOO expensive. I'll take a La Cava margarita over the OGMS any day.