Over-rated...In your opinion?

Boma-yuck!! 50s- maybe if the waitress had at least pretended to play instead of telling us that they might pick on us, so disappointing. 1900- stressful and crowded with grumpy service.
Funny, I see many of my faves on the above list.

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@felesh, what do you disagree with? I would like to hear different opinions.

I love o’hana and soarin!! It hurts my heart for people to talk about o’hana!! It is the best restaurant in the entire world!!!


It’s not a Irish restaurant :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:… 'Ohana!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Enlighten me. I can’t decipher the OGMS code. :blush: lol


Orange grand marine slush at France in epcot

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Thank you, @Stitcharella! That would definitely not be on my overrated list.

@kellymouse5 Grey Goose and Grand Marnier Slushes in France


Chefs de France. DW convinced herself that it would be like a Paris Bistro. It most definitely is not.

I really think that HBD and Saana are over rated. Done HBD three times and never been impresses with food. Did Saana once and it was so bland that my DW didn’t even remember we had been there.

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I was not impressed with 50’s, except for the PB&J shake. BOG dinner was meh. I enjoyed lunch though. Fultons crab shack was the worst experience (food and service) we have ever had on Disney property and that includes the the suspected food poisoning at Sci fi. Oh and everything I have ever had at Sunshine Seasons (or whatever that food court near Soarin’ is called) was absolutely gross.

O’hana, hands down. May be because my sister loves it, but it’s just eeeeh. I have tried it 3-4 times, and the best time was probably when we were by the window and could see wishes. Food was just average I thought. Also…Le Cellier was just ok. The cheese soup and bread I remember thinking…this is really what people are raving about? Seriously?

Ditto on the OGMS. It would have been better if it was half the price, but the glass is deceivingly small and not worth the $$ IMHO. A rita or some wine floated my boat better.

But it is all to each their own. We loved CG and Soarin :slight_smile: It’s just nice knowing if you can’t get a coveted reservation, it’s not the end of the world.

BOG dinner. Maybe I was expecting too much. It was okay but ADR was so hard to get I guess I was expecting more.

Mickeys backyard BBQ for our family. Food just ok, outdoors so warm, and tough to get there using Disney transportation from our hotel. But biggest problem was way too much madness trying to see the characters for my shyer youngest DD. Much prefer the calm, take your turn, guaranteed interaction of Chef Mickeys.

I have to say Ohana. But maybe it was because it was just DD and me. It seems better for large groups.

I may have to run and hide after this, but the Hoop-Dee-Doo food was very average, some of it sub-par, for the price tag, The show was great, but clearly they know this and serve mediocre food. I felt like the unlimited beer and wine was served in hopes that we’d all ignore the food.

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Agree 100% on HBD. I’m shocked you found Sanaa bland! Do sorry to hear that because we thought it was very flavorful actually!

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If nothing else, this thread teaches us that we can only rely on reviews and opinions of other so much. We all probably have a personal favorite on here listed as someone’s “overrated.”


True @Iheartepcot. the topic question leads to different takes of course. Over rated assumes very high ratings that you don’t agree with

Probably the biggest 2 overrated places that people love that we have no desire to go back to (and have done both multiple times) are Be Our Guest and Ohana (dinner).

Yep you read that right 2 of the hardest to get ADRs out there. BoG should just be better, the food is not prepared well or seasoned well. Ohana has taken a nosedive in quality of food year over year and its just not worth it anymore.