Outdoor character dining?

Are there any restaurants that offer outdoor character dining? I am having trouble figuring out which places are still having characters and if they out outdoor seating.

No - at least Chef Mickey’s, Topolino’s, Tusker House, and Garden Grill are all inside.

Pretty sure Hollywood and Vine is too, but I have never been there.

Not that I know of, but a couple of good places with outdoor dining where you can catch a lot of character cavalcades/appearances are Nomad’s Lounge in AK and Tony’s Town Square in MK. We sat outside at Tony’s and saw I think every cavalcade they were running that day, plus several character appearances at the Train Depot. Tony’s has a new chef since pre-Covid and we thought the food was really good. When I ate at Nomad Lounge I was able to see the whole rotation of character floats/boats/whatever they’re calling them.


My favorite resource to figure out dining info is https://www.wdwmagic.com/dining.htm they include info on outdoor dining and you can sort by characters.

Technically there is some informal patio seating at Topolinos and staff told me over the phone that you could eat there, but people are skeptical and no one has reported success. I am not sure you would be able to see the characters.

I also created this list of outdoor dining locations at the parks and resorts. It is a coupld of months out of date for new openings.

Great advice. Love it!