Our first trip "completely on Annual Passes" trip report

It’s TIME!!! No, not for annual passes…I already bought those last week. It’s time for our second trip of four planned for 2023. And we bought Universal Annual Passes several months ago, when Disney still hadn’t decided they needed to bring theirs back yet. So dual passes make for an awesome trip!

My sister is my travelling buddy. We are two forty somethings who love to be childish and eat SO MUCH FOOD for a week. My kids don’t like that I leave them at home all the time but school comes first. And they got to come a couple years ago for a Christmas trip. That was awesome! We will be staying at Pop Century the entire week. Admittedly, we’ve not stayed here before but I’m intrigued. And we drive a rental everywhere…to make travels easy.

I will try to make it as live as possible, but I haven’t done a trip report on the past couple of trips for a reason. I love putting my phone in my pocket and never getting it back out again. Yes, that means we don’t do Genie+ but who needs it?

This is our fourth Flower & Garden Festival in the past 5 years and we are big foodies so you’ll be seeing a ton of food picks. Here’s the plan for the week:

Saturday 4/29

  • 6:45 AM CDT flight from the brand new KCI terminal (just opened about a month ago)
  • 12:45 EST land in MCO
  • Straight to MK where we hope that I was strategic enough to grab a late afternoon VQ for Tron at the airport that morning (I’m really good at getting early morning VQ but can I delay it just long enough to hit that sweet spot?)
  • Tron (if successful) with an ADR at Tony’s @ 3:15 and staying as long as we can possibly stay awake

Sunday 4/30

  • Ohana Bfast @ 8:25 am
  • Universal Parks for the day
  • Boma dinner @ 7:40 pm

Monday 5/1 & Tuesday 5/2

  • All the Epcot we can handle
  • Food from everywhere around the park and festival
  • Behind the Seeds Tour @ 4:30 pm on Tuesday

Wednesday 5/3

  • Topolinos Bfast @ 7:50 am
  • Universal Parks for the day
  • After Hours at HS
  • Hollywood Brown Derby @ 7:40 pm
  • Stay til they kick us out at 1 am

Thursday 5/4 (May the Fourth Be With You)

  • Universal Parks for the day
  • Ohana Dinner @ 8:05 pm

Friday 5/5 (Cinco de Mayo)

  • Epcot…again!!!
  • More foods and festival
  • Spice Road Table @ 1:00 pm
  • Avoid the Mexico Pavilion like the plague

Saturday 5/6

  • Early morning at MK hoping for another shot at Tron before…
  • Homecomin’ @ 11:30 am for brunch (always have to have a brunch)
  • Springs until we leave for airport

I didn’t overdo it, did I? I’m pretty sure we’re going to be dead by the time this is over, but hey, why not? Now to start the packing I haven’t even started yet. As they say, “Much to do, and less time to do it in.” And if you can name that movie quote (not Disney), you win!


Have a great trip! Looks like it will be a lot of fun.


Me too! I’ll be there, but my Brown Derby is at 3 and my 7:40 is at Roundup Rodeo!


Looks like it is going to be a fun trip!


Maybe we’ll catch you there!


Sounds fun! Although your Wednesday sounds exhausting!


Hope you have all the fun! It is so much more relaxing to keep that phone in your pocket…except for pics, of course!


Made it to ATL. Layover with no plane change so sitting on the plane waiting and watching luggage. Sigh.


So there’s a lot of drama going on with the baggage loading on this plane. Luggage was strewn everywhere at one point, the older lady was mad at the guy, and one other lady came by only to walk away with her head shaking. I making up my own soap opera here for entertainment.


Sounds like a fun week! I like the drama you’re creating to go with the layover. How did the VQ work out?

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No VQ. And we won’t be able to make it to the park in time for the 1 pm drop. We have another shot next Sat, so crossing our fingers!


So craziest thing…we had to stop in the middle of the taxiway because the lady directly in front of me refused to “hold it” until we got to the gate. Flight attendants didn’t stop her and just let her go. We couldn’t move again until she sat back down. Ugh!


Our last trip, we got to MCO early, but they didn’t have a gate ready yet. So we had to sit and wait. Half the plane took the announcement to remain seated as an invitation to line up at the restrooms.

I hope that woman had a true emergency or a condition that just did not permit her to wait. I have compassion for those situations. If not, that’s the type of entitled behavior I cannot stand.


Her reaction to the entire situation said probably not but I won’t assume. Just crazy… we’ve never had our plane stopped for a passenger’s behavior before. New experiences every day :wink:


Still has VQ remaining. Just need to make it into the park. Crossing fingers and toes…


Ahhh, we got a BG! It’s a LONG time from now but until then…


Oh, if only!


Sitting down inside Tony’s for a very late lunch. We’re starving!


After lunch digestion is always a good thing.


It’s not what it used to be