Osborne Lights: "Worth It?"

I’m looking for unabashed opinions, Linahville. The facts, as they stand today:

Osborne lights are turned on the last night of our trip.

We have a 6:30p 'Ohana dinner ADR, my son’s one dining request.

MK has EMH til 12am, and I thought closing down the park after 'Ohana would be a great way to end the trip.

Staying at Poly so we’ll have plenty of MK time otherwise.

After dinner, should we instead try to get over to HS before it closes just to see Osborne lights? Is it really that neat? I personally could NOT care less but my traveling companions will be 12 and 8 y/o and they may feel differently. Obviously we’ve never seen them before.

Please tell me if they’re really that cool or if I could see something as spectacular at any large holiday light show. I’ve seen pictures and am obviously not super psyched so I want to hear opinions from those who’ve been there.


The Osborne Lights are pretty cool, especially since you are immersed in them with light displays on all sides as you walk through the Streets of America. I would definitely consider going over to HS to see them if I were you, but perhaps let the kids make the choice. Set out the options and pros/cons, and let them decide. Do this in advance of the trip, but let them know that they can still change their minds on the day, because it’s not like you have to buy a ticket for it or anything.

Also, I think that you mean that you “couldn’t care less” - if you could care less, then you do actually care, possibly quite a bit… :wink:

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Thanks for sharing your opinion! If it sounds like it’s really “worth it”, I’ll continue to try to reschedule the 'Ohana dinner. If I can’t I’ll give the kids the option. Thanks for correcting my grammar; I can barely type before I’ve had my 2nd cup of coffee. Now I’m embarrassed and feel compelled to edit my post.


Also, there are a lot of walk-through videos of previous years’ OL displays on YouTube - this might help you make your decision.

The Grammar Police’s main weapon is shame - our work here is done. :smile:

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They are nice, but I wouldn’t make a special trip just for that. My kids are about the same age and most definitely would choose Ohana over the lights.

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HAHAHA!!! It worked! Poor grammar annoys me greatly, so I’m doubly shamed. :blush:

Sounds like I need to go watch the YouTubez as the cool kids do these days.

@txketch Thank you for your opinion! Great to hear from someone with kids about the same age! Mine haven’t been excited about holiday lights for a few years. I’m afraid we’d have to take a cab from 'Ohana to get to HS before it closed, then take a cab to MK…sounds like a hassle I’d prefer to avoid. However, should DD give me her Kitty Eyes

I would be rendered powerless to deny her anything. Sigh.


Last time I was there in Nov, the lights started the day AFTER I left - I was SERIOUSLY bummed. Finally, 14 years later, I will have a chance to see them this year. I would DEFINATELY have made a special trip to DHS to see them. But as that “crazy person” who puts up 23 Christmas trees in the house every year, mine may not be thge most “mainstream” opinion…


We went last time we were there, and will go again because they will be up the whole time we are there, but I don’t know if I would make a special trip to HS just for that. They are really amazing, but I have been to other large light displays that are pretty neat too. I’ve got 9 kids (2-20yrs.) and I’m not sure any of them would want to miss something they really wanted to do just for that. JMHO.

We love the Osborne Lights… I think it’s one of the highlights of our holiday trips. I would definitely make a special trip over to HS to see them. IMHO. :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles::sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles:


I asked my DD8 her opinion…she had a hard time deciding lol! She said probably HS and Osborne lights with one last visit to Animation Academy :slight_smile:

We LOVE the Osborne Lights, and so do my kids. My daughter (12 now but about 7 when we started this tradition) always has fun looking for the black (actually purple) cat. I would definitely choose the Osborne Lights over 'Ohana anyday.

The lights are magical… And go on at like 6pm or so… I would be there for the lighting. Soak it in. Then bus to MK for party time! But then- I’m not an Ohana dinner fan. :wink:

I think it depends how much you like Christmas music & Christmas lights (and fake falling snow LOL). My family had been to see the lights twice before and then last trip we did make a trip over there on their first day last year. It is magical in my opinion. My kids still enjoy it and they are teen and tween aged.

Something to consider is will you be going to WDW again during the holiday season? If not, I would go. Ohana is open all times of the year so you could go there on another trip.

Haven’t read the other responses yet, but my DS11 was FLOORED by them and the music. He had anticipated some christmas lights but was amazed at the show and spectacle that it is.

If it makes a difference, I am planning to be at HS that day. It’s entirely possible that the Forum Foxes will want to see the lights that night. I have no idea what their plans are, and my vague impression includes possibly a monorail crawl and a Lapu Lapu at some point. I will just be along for the ride, but we should coordinate. :slight_smile: It would be nice to see you.


In a similar vein, our first night at WDW will be the last night for Osborne lights. 10/10 crowd level for HS. Would you do it? We haven’t booked flights yet, but would probably be on a flight scheduled to arrive at 11 am. Had thought about hitting a park if we’re in the mood that night, but were planning on Epcot. Would you brave 10/10 crowd levels to see the last night of Osborne lights? 2 A and DS4 (turning 5 on the trip).

Osborne lights have to be seen to be believed. Get to HS before dark or spend forever in line at HS entrance. So I would drop Ohara, get to HS we’ll before dark, enjoy lights for a while, and then zip back to MK for late night. Use earlier Ohara ressie, and maybe swing through FW for dessert afterwards. Better yet do FW at lunchtime. Night time FW full of drunken adults.

The Osborne Lights are really, really special. It was raining on the night we saw them and the experience was still amazing. Our DS12 loved them. We had to leave quickly to make our 8:30 ADR at 'Ohana that evening but I wish we could have stayed much longer just to enjoy them.

I have to admit, I absolutely loved them. I wasn’t expecting much but it is something to be seen. We don’t have too many epilepsy inducing light displays here in Mexico so it was definitely thrilling to see. I don’t have little ones and I haven’t done Ohana so I can’t compare wow factors but I can tell you that the blinky lights do shine bright @PianoMinnie!

Yep we loved them! I would say go for sure!