Osborne Lights: "Worth It?"

We went last year for te first time… I believe it lives up to get hype! We loved them! We (myself and ds4) got there about an hour early (I was very prego so it was a good break!) grabbed a pretzel/popcorn And a front row seat to watch goofy turn them on. I think watching them be turned on and the snow start to fall made it really special. We prob only walked it twice so our fav part was the “turning on”!

Wow…the love for OL is overwhelming. OK, I’m now searching for an 'Ohana dinner ADR Nov 5. If anyone plans to drop one, please let me know. :smile: Thanks, all!!

Worth it! Think the run for an hour after closing

We loved them. I doubt you’ll regret seeing them.

Update: 'Ohana was moved, now trying to figure out a game plan for OL.

What time do the lights come on? When should we be there?

Yay! I have no idea about when they start, but folks say get there before dark. Check on when daylight savings goes into effect? I’m excited for you and wanted to chime in

http://touringplans.com/hollywood-studios/attractions/osborne-family-spectacle-of-dancing-lights - The lights normally start around 6:00

Thanks @brklinck you’re so handly with links. @BearsMom2011 You’re so kind to share my excitement! I actually used the wdwtools ADR sniper. Over the weekend a slot opened up, then last night and this morning there have been FIVE openings! People are really dropping and shifting like crazy (like me).

Anywhooooo sunset that day will be 5:36p (time change). So will they flip the switch then or at 6p?

DS12 (who’s become my Assistant Planner) says we should leave MK right after A&E fpp ends (2:30p), have a resort break (CR), eat at The Wave because it’s convenient, and be at HS by 5p. I am also considering a 3:40p HBD or R&C in Epcot. Haven’t found any openings at 50’s and we are already eating at SciFi another day. Not a huge fan of HS CS.

Eating TS at Epcot after MK and before HS would stress me out timing wise. But way to rock a park hopper! HBD can be long too. I like DS’ idea. It would be more relaxing for us. Keep us posted on how it goes!

I would lean towards HBD, but as @BearsMom2011 points out, it can take some time. When we had a late lunch there there was a pretty good delay before we were seated, but by 3:40 they might be back on schedule.

Is this an east coast thing? The only thing that comes to this Californian’s mind when you say Osborne Lights is Ozzy and Sharon catching a smoke break.

Who are these Osbornes and why are their lights something special?

And a nuance to the same question; Why is there something non-Disney getting such prominent position in the park? Couldn’t they come up with their own light show?

The answer may be simple, but this newbie doesn’t see the light. :wink:


If you are joking, the well played! If not, check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Osborne_Family_Spectacle_of_Dancing_Lights

Dude I thought the same thing until I actually read about it last year!!! I thought the Ozzy Osbournes paid for it or something.

Thanks for the advice @BearsMom2011 @brklinck !!

What about HBD lounge? Or do you think that will be swamped 2 hours pre-lights?

Yep. Not joking.

Thanks for the article, @brklinck . That’s a cool story. I’m pretty media savvy, so I’m fairly certain their story didn’t make the headlines out here in the other sunshine state. I would also guess that there’s a large population of WDW visitors who don’t know why ‘Osborne’ is important to the name of the attraction.

It seems very unusual to me that they’d name it that way. I mean, even George Lucas didn’t get his name above the Star Tours marquee. Go figure.

Don’t know about that - I guess I would feel more comfortable going to someplace where I had an ADR rather than risking a walk-up.

I agree that going to RP for a TS between MK and DHS would be a LOT of hopping. The problem with D@12’s plan is that the Wave stops serving Lunch at 2:00 PM and doesn’t start dinner service until 5:30 PM. I haven’t seen Momma Melrose on your list; it’s my “go-to” TS in DHS; the pizza is second only to VN in any of the parks.

For pure convenience, you might want to consider Contempo there at the CR. If you leave A&E at 2:30, 3:00 is about the EARLIEST you’ll be back in your room (you’ll be fighting the parade crowds all the way down MS). If you want to be at DHS at 5:00, 4:30 is the LATEST you should be leaving your room. That leaves you 90 minutes (at the most) for your “resort break” and meal. Even if the Wave was open at that time, I doubt you could get it done.

If you took the EP route and left A&E at 2:30, you barely have enough time to make it from MK to a 3:40 ADR at R&C. Assuming you are seated on time and have good service, 4:40 is the earliest that you would be done with R&C, again leaving you JUST enough time to make it to DHS by 5:00.

MY recommendation is to skip both EP and the CR and go directly from MK to DHS. Believe me, I am with you all the way regarding DHS CS (although I was pleasantly surprised at Pizza Planent on my last trip), but I would rather do that (if I couldn’t get an ADR for a TS) than do a crazy rush-rush to eat at a TS anywhere else.

I think I’d try HBD lounge with maybe Fairfax Fair as a backup? You are going at an off hour.

Wow so nice of you all to weigh in! I didn’t realize The Wave wouldn’t even be open during that time frame.

So out of all these options, do you all agree we should go from A&E to HS? HBD at 3:40p? (I’m not a big fan of pasta, so we’ve never considered MM. Also, DS really wants to eat the giant gourmet burger at HBD. I’d consider 50’s for the theme but not so much the food.) Or is the consensus to find a QS?

I might not have mentioned that this will by our last night in the World for probably 2 years-- that’s why I wanted to have something better than QS for dinner. But seeing the lights is priority as we’ve never done it before.

EDIT I just found an ADR at 50’s for 3:40p----can we make it there if we see A&E at 2p?