Orlando Grocery Express.... Anyone use them?

I found Orlando Grocery Express online but am looking for feedback from anyone who has used them recently. They have a better selection than Garden Grocer so I’d really like to give them a try. Anyone??

following. Have always used Garden Grocer, but always curious about other options

I can’t seem to find many who have used them. But I love all the options they have without having to make special requests. Hoping to get some good feedback.

For our trip next week, we’re using Publix via Instacart. They have a free delivery option if you order within 7 days of signing up, and the prices and selection are much better because you aren’t dealing with a middleman.

Would you mind providing feedback about this service (Publix) when you return? I would love to skip the trip to the grocery store on the way to the hotel.

I will have to look into this!! Please do report back!!

I just placed my order with Instacart/Publix for deliver Sunday night. Turns out you can order up to 7 days ahead. I registered three weeks ago to check the prices, and found out the “free delivery” offer expired after 7 days. So I was worried that I was going to have to register a second account this week, but they kept renewing the offer. This week, they bumped it up to $5 off and free delivery. So I bit. (I’m not sure how much longer they would have kept offering me.)

Two advantages of Instacart/Publix over Grocery Express and Garden Grocer: Price and selection. For example, we’re going to be eating Pop Tarts for breakfast. (OK, not the healthiest option, but we’re going to Disney World…) Grocery Express and Garden Grocer only sell 8 pack boxes for $3.49; Publix had 8 and 12 count boxes; the 12 pack was $3.35.

Skim Milk: Grocery Express $4.89 ; Publix $4.09. Gala Apples $1.29 each at Grocery Express; about half that at Publix.

And store sales count: Chips Ahoy cookies were buy one, get one free on sale this week…so I got to take advantage of that deal.

One surprise that I encountered was that while my delivery turned out to be free, Instacart charges a 10% service charge. My $5 offer offset that, though. I don’t think that changes my opinion of the service much; I still believe I came out well ahead using Publix/Instacart for groceries. For one thing, I would have to choose different types of juice and beer, and so I’m more pleased with my selections with Instacart/Publix…

Now, will I feel the same way Sunday evening when they deliver?

Everything arrived on schedule and as requested. I don’t know if it would have worked as well if I was pre-ordering groceries to be in the room when I arrived, but since I was ordering beer, they had to see ID and I had to sign for it

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What was their website like? Did you actually see the items and select them or submit the items you wanted?

Yes. I clicked through categorized product lines with pictures, photos and prices…much like any other online store.

Ok thanks! I will check it out. Glad to hear it worked for you!! And that the prices seemed more reasonable!

We will be staying at Animal Kingdom Jambo House. I’ve been thinking about trying Instacart/Publix. I know with Garden Grocer, I faxed them a copy of my drivers license for alcohol and they leave my order with Bell Service who then delivers the groceries to our room. How was your experience different?

I tried to use them since I got the free delivery code thru Kingdom Strollers. I placed my order and the next day my credit card company called me that my card was frozen due to fraud. I didn’t put it together at that point, but a few days later when my new card arrived I changed my payment details on Orlando Grocery Express’s site, again my card was frozen for fraud. It was the only purchase made on the new card so it had to be their site. Needless to say I cancelled my order right away!

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Since posting this I have heard good things about Safeway also. I haven’t looked into Publix but plan on it. I’m glad you posted about Orlando Grocery. I just didn’t have a good feeling about their website.

My guess is your credit card was interpreting the “Orlando Grocery Express” charge as the fraud - not that they were using your CC info fraudulently after you provided them the info. I believe the Orlando area (and Florida in general) is rife with credit card fraud and some sensitive card companies will panic at any unexpected charges from there and will freeze the card. We used one credit card that would freeze often when we tried to use out of state, particularly in Florida - very annoying…

Actually, the first time I placed the order the fraud that appeared a few hours later was a Chinese low cost electronics site. The second time I placed the order the fraudulent charge was a dicey cloud storage site. I posted this same comment on another site and someone else commented that the same exact scenario happened to them.


Thanks for the clarification - that’s definitely fraud then and likely a vendor to avoid as a result.

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I’ve always used Garden Grocer, but my bags look like they’ve been through the war when I get them. Last year something liquid had broken, and spilled all over everything. A few items were missing. Not sure if this was GG’s fault or the resort (BLT). Anyone else had this experience?

I’m sorry about your experience with GG. We had a great experience last June when our large order was delivered to POP. Everything was there and in good condition, including the delicate fruit. They even called me to make sure I received the order.

We had a great experience with Garden Grocer. It was well packaged and arrived to the room in excellent condition.