Opinions Wanted: New TouringPlans Hotel Page

Hello all!

I am in the process of reorganizing our hotel information pages. In my opinion, the current pages have a few too many words on them… like this one: https://touringplans.com/walt-disney-world/hotels/disneys-port-orleans-resort-french-quarter

I am thinking of doing something like the image below. The text would likely change a bit, but I wanted your opinions on the looks and potential usability. Specifically the tabbed section in the middle; do you think that would be a better way to organize information? Would it be too confusing?

Please let me know and feel free to leave any other comments or suggestions on how we can better organize these, or any other, pages. We actually have the time to do this stuff right now :smile:


I like it much better. I especially like you having the room finder front and center. I don’t know why I can never find my way there. I end up relying on a Google search to get there instead.


I like it, too. Easier to see where I want to go.

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I love it! It looks like it is much easier to navigate the information than the current pages.

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I really appreciate the tabs!


Oh…one additional comment I’ll make…and this is more in general to the overall overhaul process, not just this page.

Make sure you test the look of each website page not only on a computer browser, but from a phone web browser as well. What works for one environment often needs to be tweaked for the other.

I say this because when I’ve tried to use the website on my phone for creating/modifying a touring plan, there are all kinds of problems when using it on the phone. But the problem is, there are times all I have to access it at a given moment is my phone.

Just food for thought.


Love the tabs and layout! Looks a lot easier to use and get to the info you want.

The tabbed version is a much needed improvement. It is so much easier to find and digest information when it is organized into logical chunks like this, and when you don’t have to scroll down a long page.

I echo @ryan1’s comment about testing the look and feel on multiple browsers and platforms. I know that a lot of web authoring tools take this into account, but sometimes the results are less than satisfactory.


I agree with everyone else. The tabbed layout is an improvement. The current version required too much scrolling to find something. I am curious what a picture heavy tab looks like.

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I like the new format. The tabs are a huge improvement.

Another strong approval for the tabbed format here

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I like the tabs for the information. The header with the photo takes up a lot of real estate and, in my opinion, does little more than say the name of the hotel, which is just a headline. I think you could have the same format, and maybe have a slideshow or even three photos of the property, like an environment shot, like the water fountain, a shot of the pool and a detail that shows the theme of the hotel. Also, I like the ratings, but it would be nice to just have a few overall ratings, then a link that goes into the expanded version. And it would be nice if there was a way to compare maybe three hotels with similar price points or user ratings.

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Definitely prefer the tabs to having to scroll scroll scroll down a (definitely) wordy page.

As a first-timer, I definitely struggled with understanding where hotels were located in relation to the parks. Disney World is HUGE! Even now, I kind of have a general sense of where the Disney Springs hotels are, but I think it would be helpful to have a simplified WDW map that shows location. Google maps just isn’t the same to “see” where the parks are, and I’m constantly looking up a skyliner map now that those have been added.

I’d love Touring Plans to have an overall WDW map that resembles the new-ish Park maps with lands and main attractions that are used in the actual Touring Plans.


I like it, user friendly, can quickly find what I am looking for.

Yep agree with everyone about the tabs! One thing I’d like to see is information about whether the room pictures are up to date. I know there are lots of refurbishments happening, but sometimes there aren’t updated pictures on the site. It would be nice to know, at least, that those are old-style.

I like the tabs. I agree with @emcglone regarding the information about the room photos. Also, I have to say I have never liked the room layout drawings. They really don’t tell me anything I need to know.

Room layouts are one of the first things I want to know. Is it in general you don’t care, or something about the TP versions you don’t like?


I like it. Seems easier and more modern and up to date. Love the tabs and easy navigation it will bring

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Love this idea! I totally agree. I am constantly checking the map on another WDW website for overall layout of the WDW Resort. I know TP could do it better by color coded “land”, and include simplified indications of boat, monorail, and skyliner routes too so you can see connections relative to hotels.

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I would rather “see” the room.