Opinions on Character Meals

What character meals do you like? Right now, I have an ADR for mid morning breakfast at Tusker House and one for a late breakfast at Akershus. I have been trying to get one for a PPO for Garden Grill. But then I wondered, should I? My sister commented that several years ago it smelled musty in there. Not on the DDP, but probably getting an AP and maybe TiW. Thoughts on character meals, please.

Favorites are:
TH for Mickey and Pals
1900 for the Tremaines (sure, Cindy is there too, but she is overshadowed by the villains)
Crystal Palace for Pooh and pals


We love Tusker House for a late breakfast and Crystal Palace for a PPO breakfast. This trip, I am also trying a PPO Garden Grill breakfast for the first time.


We like to do PPO breakfast at Akershus to get on FEA with no wait.

We just did 1900 Park Fare dinner last trip and really liked it.

We have done Crystal Palace PPO breakfast last 3 trips and really enjoyed it, even though you don’t benefit as much as before since everyone gets on main street early now.

Our 3 favourites are Tusker House, Crystal Palace, and Garden Grill. Garden Grill is nice, in that due to the layout, it doesn’t have the din and chaos vibe of most Character Meals (think Chef Mickey’s). I would highly recommend, and I never noticed a musty smell.

We’ve never done Akershus because the food options don’t suit us… but the pictures look nice.

We did really really enjoy Garden Grill this last time!

Because Living with the Land (a boat ride) is below Garden Grill, your sis was probably smelling that Florida water smell, like at PotC or Splash Mountain. Maybe it might come off as musty… to me, that just smells like Disney.


Absolutely favorite is Crystal Palace (we had dinner). TH is a close second. If you’re doing TH you are already getting Mickey and Goofy there. I enjoyed Akershus for the characters. They were good. Food is ok (dinner). Maybe breakfast is better. Atmosphere is ok as well.

TH for lunch is the only one I would do voluntarily. For the most part, my opinion of CMs is mediocre food served at an outrageous price because a couple of college kids in costume are there; a major money grab. I never do big breakfasts so I can’t comment on that, but the lunch food at TH, IMHO, is markedly better than most CMs. And you get to “meet” the classic Disney characters vice another load of Princesses. CRT may be different, but I will never pay that price for the sake of “research”.

We love character meals! TH is a must do for our family, my husband loves the food and the characters are great. DS loves GG - we are farmers so Farmer Mickey is a favorite of his. We really enjoyed CP last trip and DGD likes Hollywood & Vine - we go at Christmas and she loves Santa Goofy.

Crystal Palace is my favorite.
But Akershus is another go to for PPO.

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I eat breakfast at CRT at least once on every MK trip. They don’t advertise it, but you are allowed to ask for multiple entrees - I always get two and really like the food. It’s a great way to meet five princesses before you even start your day. Plus, you are in Cinderella’s castle… OMG sooo cool!!

I’ve done TH for breakfast and that was my favorite Donald interaction. The food was fine and you get as much as you want. I prefer to “load up” in the morning to avoid too many snacks and breaks.

CP is my favorite buffet for the food. It’s really good. I would go there just for that! I’m a major Pooh fan too. However, it’s a really big restaurant and takes a long time for the characters to make their rotation. (much longer than other places - IMHO)

Akershus is on my bucket list, especially for PPO to get to FEA early. However, I tend to enjoy eating & drinking “Around the World” all day so I haven’t done it.

Overall, I’m a big fan of CM. I like meeting characters, but it’s always a “big” choice for me to pick rides over M&G. So with MC I get the compromise of a meal - that I was going to need to do anyway - plus characters.

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TH for overall food variety & quality.
Cape May breakfast was very good and the Beach Club is just so great.
Akershus breakfast is probably my favorite. That potato side dish is wonderful.


That’s news to me. I went once and felt like it really wasn’t much food, especially for the price.

Oh so true. Sometimes it’s painfully long. We have left before without meeting them all. Definitely allow 90minutes or more in this location.

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I haven’t seen anyone else say it, so i will, Trattoria al Forno breakfast is supposed to be good. I haven’t done it yet, but it’s another one with unique characters. Hopefully we’ll do it next trip.

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