Opinions on Character Meals

We had the same experience at CRT, we didn’t even ask, waitress saw how quickly we gobbled up the breakfast,she just brought out two more plates. You can get pretty hungry waiting for those late morning meals.

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It is listed somewhere, in fine print, on their website that’s how I knew about it. You don’t even have to restrict yourself to the same entree.

For dinner too? We asked for another soup and it was brought without hesitation but we didn’t ask for anything else.

we really enjoyed an early breakfast at garden grill. i like the land pavilion especially the light coming through the windows in the morning. the food is brought to you, so it felt like we were having breakfast together. the character meets were casual and comfortable; they came around a couple of times, too.

at crystal palace, which is a beautiful location (and there’s eeyore), everyone at our table was up and down going back and forth to the buffet. it wasn’t as much of a shared experience where we could enjoy each other’s company. it was a little frenzied for me. a good experience, but i definitely enjoyed garden grill more for its relaxing pace and the time together (and the cinnamon roll).

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This is a really great and valid distinction between the family-style all-you-care-to-enjoy experiences and buffets. The one thing I do dislike about buffets is the very thing you discuss here, especially as it pertains to characters. It feels at times you’re often considering whether to wait or get food lest you miss someone. And hurry up if you go because maybe they’ll come while you’re gone! LOL


idk - I only go for breakfast. My family is too “picky” to try their dinner menu. My next trip is solo. Maybe I’ll do dinner there this time. :yum:

I do wish that I could leave my plans alone, well not really because then what would I do with my time. I would have to be more focused on the move that I am making in 9 days. Anyway, I gave up a lunch at BOG and made a reservation for breakfast at 11:30 for 1900 Park Fare. So now my search is for a different day for BOG (1900 wouldn’t work on this other day). I have decided, almost, to cancel my late breakfast at Akershus on an EMH day, and only book Akershus on my non EMH day IF I can get PPO. I decided that Akershus is only worth it to me if it is PPO. Too many questionable reviews.

We love Akershus breakfast, but always book it for as late as possible (just after 11:00) and treat it as lunch. :slight_smile:

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I like your choices… TH and Akershus are both very good. Those breakfast potatoes at Akershus are literally all I need. I could fill up on them alone.

Honestly, Character meals are a matter of opinion and what works for you. As far as food quality goes, I do think TH and Akershus are pretty good choices.

We enjoy character meals because our kids like characters and this is a good way to visit with them and not have to spend so much time doing it in the parks. Once the kids get older, we’ll likely branch out more and probably not do character meals. In fact, this trip we just planned to do 1 or 2, but then we ended up with free dining so we’re doing pretty much nothing but character meals to make good use of our credits.

I’m a big fan of Garden Grill. I’ve never been there for breakfast, but I really enjoyed our last dinner there. The characters were fun and I really enjoyed the food. A big bonus for this one is that it is served family style so you don’t have to go to the buffet.

Our family likes the cliché Chef Mickey as well. We’ve never had any complaints about the food and it’s just kind of become a tradition that we either begin or end our trip with a meal there.

DH and I are happy to go just for the waffles! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Was just going to add this one! Like 1900 PF it is not quite as “traditional”. Was perfect for a last day fly out breakfast with a DD aging out of character meals.


Been trying to get a PPO for Akershus, but no luck so far. Had been trying for Garden Grill, but I have read comments elsewhere that the motion sometimes gets to people prone to motion sickness. That would spoil the first part of the day for me and DS. So, I had another idea for that morning. I got a 7 a.m. reservation at Chef Mickey’s for 7 people. Didn’t expect to find that 2 months after making ADR’s. Any more experiences with CM?