Only one?

Am I the only one who would be totally satisfied with just staying on disney property, visiting the pool and Disney Springs if that was the only thing offered?


I would be happy with this arrangement for a quick weekend getaway, but not at Disney price levels.
For me the resort prices include free transportation, early access to parks, and most importantly early fast pass bookings. Without those I would feel ripped off.



I can stay at a nice hotel w/ a pool and shop at the mall at home. I go to Orlando to be in the parks.
(Hope that’s not too curt…)


No I get it. I guess I am just a property person, as long as I am on Disney property, I am good lol.

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Depend… What resort and length of stay. With Disney prices IDK

We would, instead, rent a really nice house with a private pool/hot tub, a full kitchen, etc., for a fraction of the cost, and still be able to go to Disney springs.

So…yes, you’re the only one. :wink:


And see I am opposite, I HATE renting houses for vacation. I live in a house, I dont want to rent one to cook in while I’m on vacation… HAHAHAHAHA, but again, I get it :slight_smile:


Don’t forget…just because there is a full kitchen, it doesn’t mean you’re mandated to use it! :wink:

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It is a legit question, though.

We actually have in our back pocket a plan that involves NOT getting into the parks. We found a beautiful 5 bedroom house, with private pool and hot tub, plus games such as pool and table tennis, in a resort neighborhood that has a water slide, lazy river, and miniature golf, plus a lake with kayak rentals, etc., for about $220/night, which is about 15 minutes from Disney property. So a week comes to, with taxes and fees, about $2300.

The cost of the THREE separate rooms we have booked on Disney property to handle the 7 of us? About $610/night. That same week? $4270. And we don’t get a hot tub, water slide, or anything! :slight_smile:

Only reason we booked on-site was to guarantee our ability to get park reservations (as much as it will be guaranteed, presumably).


Basic resort costs aside, no, I don’t think I would be satisfied “just being on disney property.” At first I thought I would, but the more I think about it, the more I realize I’d by lying to myself.

The enjoyment of being on property for me is there’s almost always stuff to do. Actually, that’s the real draw of Disney for me more than anything. There’s more here to do than anywhere I’ve ever been (including Vegas). I think I’ve established for those who follow my trip reports that I am -ahem- slightly active in my touring. So if there’s nothing to do or nowhere to go, it can get really boring, really fast.

And if I’m going to be that bored, I might as well just stay home. I’m not a pool guy, and visiting an outdoor (and out of my price range) mall and walking grounds will only get me so far (and I know, cause I have done it elsewhere).

Now, all that said, I don’t feel I’m entitled to Disney being open when/if I go or anything like that. Heck, some of my best memories at Disney come from when something planned went sideways on me and me being able to roll with it.

I just know I wouldn’t be AS satisfied as a full on open park, with a full roster of activities to pick and choose from, and it’s me vs the crowds and I’m winning :slight_smile:


I LOVE just being on property too! I hear the cost aspect from others and get it. It would depend on the resort… some have over the top themeing and fabulous pools and that would be treat enough for me. If I could be on property, eat at fabulous restaurants (in other resorts not just park dinning) I think I would be content for a few days.

For me it’s a mixture of cost and what other activities are available. We paid a premium to have easy and early access- which we no longer have. My kids are 11 & 13, so a week of just the pool is not going to work. There are other activities at Disney- fishing, bikes, horses, even tennis at the resort- but right now it’s unclear how much of that will be available. If we spend our time driving to a bunch of places not on campus we’ll still have a great trip, I’ll just be annoyed I paid at least twice as much as I needed to for lodging.

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I would be completely happy at a resort only! My kids already grumble about going to the parks too much so they would be happy, too. I think there are factors where value for your money comes into play but I think it would be completely worthwhile at the right resort/price.


yes, but not at current wdw pricing.

And I also could never get DH to agree to it.

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Too expensive for that for me, especially considering airfare. We have nice hotels and pools here, we have shopping and I have the internet to buy anything I want. Just too hard to justify the expense without the parks, which is the main reason I go.

I think no. Maybe for a few days, but there isn’t enough shade at the pools, and the chairs aren’t comfy enough to lounge on for extended periods of time. I could happily spent 3 days at Wilderness Lodge though – right, @Keith718? Hanging out on the balcony, either pool, the hot tubs, and sitting at Geyser Point drinking a beer is one of life’s all-time pleasures. It’s so good.

But ultimately I’d be sad not to be going to the parks.

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Agreed - without the parks, there’d be something missing.

@ryan1, that sounds like an amazing place. Would you be willing to send me the details in a private message? Thanks!

Just looked up Storey Lake in there are a lot of options, so you can find one that suits your needs. Storey Lake is the resort neighborhood name.

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