Online vs. In Person Check In

No it’s not a disaster but your wording almost implied you were only able to do those things because you hadn’t checked in online. Just adding clarity.

I did online check in but also checked is personally as we needed to pick up MB’s and I wanted to know if we had got a full size balcony. I don’t think I showed my passport. They told us our room number and sent an email later when the room was ready. I reckon you could get away with it if you can use a UK address and a credit card with a UK address. I think you could later put in an American credit card and if you were questioned just say you had recently moved

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We are planning a trip in December. We should arrive at Pop Century around 1:00. We are planning on heading to HS while we await our rooms. Can we leave our carry on luggage at the resort?

Yes you can leave it with Bell Services.

My experience at the Poly is that they accepted all of the bags that I wanted to leave, including carry-on bags, and they took them to my room when it become available.